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  • Caiaphas can never succeed

    Caiaphas can never succeed

    CP-Idaho has often pushed the envelope of the national CP clique—Phariees as we call them—by ever challenging their “vision,” or lack thereof. In a way it’s kind of fun to do—but it is also sadly …

  • 2016–the woulda, coulda shoulda year

    2016–the woulda, coulda shoulda year

    An important Executive Order—namely the “Presidential Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals”—signed by President Trump on December 20, 2017 has mostly gone unnoticed by media.

    Worse, it …

  • 2018–the year of turnover

    2018–the year of turnover

    The Idaho Statesman posted an interesting article on the 2018 Legislative Session, set to begin only hours hence. The dominate issue affecting Idaho’s Legislature is expected to be deciphering the impact of the newly passed federal …


National News

Biden’s baloney about “America First”

Biden’s baloney about “America First”

Looks like a routine recidivism politician problem to us. Can't help but note that former Vice President Joe Biden is sniffing around again, looking for an unlocked window jam, or maybe a kitchen door unlatched. Little wonder.  Now that Broom Hilda is ...

Idaho State News

Nearing five years under actual management

As we tend to the early year chores of summarizing our activities, wishes to draw our readers' attention to the attached table.  It shows the long term work commitment to keep the CP-Idaho website current with fresh content posted each and every month. Our detractors in the national CP may call it what they will, but the evidence (our "organized" data) indicates that remains engaging. Long term, dating back to July 2013 (when the new team began ...