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    The Star-News is sponsoring two Valley County candidates forums in mid-May in which the Constitution Party of Idaho’s candidate for governor, …

  • An extraterrestrial flotsom trail

    An extraterrestrial flotsom trail

    Should the Jamesburg Earth Station out in Carmel, California ever run short on broadcast copy, an audio tape of Obama’s excuses would provide light years of material for their Lone Signal project–a new corporation selling radio …

  • Republican treachery versus Xenophon

    Republican treachery versus Xenophon

    In mid-January one of our CP-Idaho officers was seduced by Republican offers of monetary and material support…the stipulation being that the gentleman defect.  Corruption …


National News

What ethics?

From our friends at Newsmax, we note from their report that former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, a Democrat's Democrat, is seeking office at the sprightly age of 86.  Edwards was the longest serving Governor (four terms) in Louisiana history. He was ...

Idaho State News

An oligarchy according to Twin Falls’ Times-News

We agree with a current editorial piece by the Times-News of Twin Falls.  The Times-News is no light weight.  It is the predominant newspaper in south central Idaho.  The editorial decries the lack of transparency in the "money trail"--especially in the Primaries.  We agree. In Idaho, only one financial report is required of primary candidates.  As the Times-News points out, that financial disclosure occurs far too late in the primary cycle, coming only ...