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  • L’État, c’est moi…trouble without reason

    L’État, c’est moi…trouble without reason

    In Shropshire, West Midlands, England an ancient folk wisdom is oft repeated:  “To dream of things out of season, is trouble without reason.”  Sadly, just as many times as this wisdom has been repeated in …

  • The karaoke reduction

    The karaoke reduction

    We see that the Global Times, a news rag put out under the Communist Chinese, has sized up the post-election “double …

  • CP-Idaho in context of the 2014 election results

    CP-Idaho in context of the 2014 election results

    It has been a difficult road to get through the 2014 elections for this citizen led political party.  Under funded–or barely funded at all, truth be told–it is a mammoth-sized order to compete in the political …


National News

Beyond the field of gravity

Beyond the field of gravity

We are told that Earth is surrounded be a newly discovered protective shield, Star-Trek-like, which protects the here below...a barrier against  particle motion that exists some 7,600 miles above us in the Van Allen Belts. Two doughnut shaped belts, laden with ...

Idaho State News

Cincinnati 2014 Report

Cincinnati 2014 Report

Members of the Constitution Party of Idaho returned from this past weekend’s National Committee meeting held in Cincinnati, Ohio, 14-15 November. Attending from Idaho were Mr. Christian Fioravanti, former candidate for State Senate District 1, along with Idaho State Chairman Whitley. ...