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  • The streets were paved with pastry

    The streets were paved with pastry

    Propaganda is a curious thing. Curious in the sense that—having come so far …

  • Gallup: “a very significant state of disrepute”

    Gallup: “a very significant state of disrepute”

    Our pollster friends at Gallup just reported an incredible finding which, if true, suggests that in 2016 an historical counter-election is brewing.  A wolf at the door, as it were.

    Our caveat is that, much like …

  • Labrador Tea?

    Labrador Tea?

    Crusty realists were dismissed after the 2.0 “shellacking” handed to the current President by the …


National News

Mr. Obama’s Islamist delivery?

Mr. Obama’s Islamist delivery?

We have noted for quite some time that, throughout his so-called career, current President Barrack Hussein Obama has often imitated a radicalized Iman from a local madrasa. A madrasa purportedly is an educational institution.  And Mr. Obama is purportedly a professor.  Whether or ...

Idaho State News

Continued growth in CP-Idaho registrations

We are again pleased to report that over the previous month, CP-Idaho registrations continued to increase.  Our party gained a net 50 registrations, bringing our total CP-Idaho base to 2,208 citizens across the Gem State.  Our immediate efforts will be to organize this growing body of citizens. CP-Idaho is now of sufficient mass to begin to have a significant impact on state politics and legislation.  Our goal is to expand the registration base ...