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National News

Sorry, but that dawg still don’t hunt

Sorry, but that dawg still don’t hunt

A recent Washington Times article by Akash Chougule on the astounding level of federal fraud is well worth a read.  Apparently, the GAO estimates that this past year fraud (politely called "improper payments") total "only" $105 billion...with a "b".  ...

Idaho State News

CP-Idaho Convention calls for the return of citizens’ rights

Several items on the State Convention agenda passed as resolutions after editing and discussion by the delegates attending.  One important item--a call for direct ballot initiative and a process of direct democracy for amendments to the Idaho Constitution--has been a long standing concern of the Constitution Party of Idaho.  Indeed, it is one of the earliest planks of the party's State Platform in 2004. In Idaho, a legislatively referred amendment process exists.  Because of ...