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“Bitter-Enders”…sound familiar?

“Bitter-Enders”…sound familiar? December 11th, 2015

Our friends at put up an article today that is soothsaying, to be sure. In it, a number of scenarios from a number of “bitter-enders” within the Republican Party establishment have a “Draft Romney” movement afloat.  Apparently it is more serious than at first thought. According to McKay Coppins over at the Buzzfeed blog,  at least […]

They Prefer Caviar, Even If It Comes With Chains

They Prefer Caviar, Even If It Comes With Chains October 25th, 2012

Chuck Baldwin There is an Old Testament story that parallels with what is going on in America today. The story is found in Numbers chapter 11. God had delivered His people from great bondage. They witnessed His mighty hand of power and deliverance in defeating their oppressors and leading them toward a land of promise […]