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That periodic lily voice…Cleveland anyone?

That periodic lily voice…Cleveland anyone? March 24th, 2016

Cicadas are weird creatures. In the Order Hemiptera, they are true bugs. A most curious attribute of their life cycle is that certain species periodically emerge from the ground after a final adult ecdysis. They then form up in synchronized, very loud and in very large numbers—every 17 years. These “Broods” as they are called, […]

“Bitter-Enders”…sound familiar?

“Bitter-Enders”…sound familiar? December 11th, 2015

Our friends at put up an article today that is soothsaying, to be sure. In it, a number of scenarios from a number of “bitter-enders” within the Republican Party establishment have a “Draft Romney” movement afloat.  Apparently it is more serious than at first thought. According to McKay Coppins over at the Buzzfeed blog,  at least […]

About that “gap”…

About that “gap”… October 14th, 2015

Following that invigorating Democrat so-called debate last night, our readers doubtlessly expect commentary over the limp wristed fracas. If so, we will disappoint.  Hillary Clinton strokes and Bernie Sanders jokes little interest us. No. For our part, CP-Idaho remains fixed upon a crucial weakness in the American economy— namely the hemorrhage of lifeblood which these rapscallion politicians seem to ignore. […]

The Republican Soviet

The Republican Soviet October 12th, 2015

We recommend the Republican Party consider a new banner for their rubber stamp assemblage. Our friends at report a deeply disturbing item from the U.S. House. Apparently, the commissariat Establishment Republican Party will abide no competitive ideas. There is to be no dissent of any kind. Talk about bleating in a line. The Establishment is […]