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2014 County Fair Schedule!

CP-Idaho will be busy this summer in a number of county fairs.

CP-Idaho has never taken on this level of statewide public events activity.  One might even say we are becoming a statewide political party.  Our aim is to keep our constitutional political voice ballot qualified in Idaho.  One thing is certain.  If the current duopoly ever succeeds in shutting down independent third party ballot access in Idaho, it will be a month of Sundays before it is ever regained again…if even then.

Please note the following schedule.  We plan to host booths in six county fairs, ranging from Boundary County up on the Canadian border to Jerome County down in south Central Idaho.


We look forward to meeting and greeting the Idaho public, distributing some of our updated literature, and of course fund raising to help defray this level of statewide activity.  Please consider donating to keep our printing press operating…to provide literature for the fair going public!

And by all means, mark your calendars!

We’d like to meet our fellow Idaho citizens and explain what we mean by “Citizen led solutions in a framework of limited government.”


The CP-Idaho Literature Fund is restricted for use in printing and publishing educational and political policy material, including but not exclusive to bullet point cards, rack cards, brochures, programs, Constitution course material, printed policy and platform statements, and newsprint intended for direct voter education and outreach by the Constitution Party of Idaho