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Calendar and discussion of CP-Idaho events.

To access pending CP-Idaho events, notices and discussion:

Use the lower right hand sidebar.

(a)  The calendar lists recent articles by date of post which can be accessed by clicking the underscored dates.  These articles include not only Events but also State and National News, Features, and so on.  But the calendar does keep the most recent articles up to date.

(b)  Below the calendar is the “Categories” toggle.  Simply scroll down to the “Events” category and click it.  Information on upcoming events can also be accessed this way as well.

We readily admit our method of posting notices of future Events may be of somewhat crude design.   But we had to whittle with what we had.  At least “us” country boys have roughly figured out how to get Events information to our website users.  We’ll refine the craftsmanship and technique as time permits and as we surf the infamous “learning curve” a bit more.  As to sharks, we dare not guess.