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Our Printing Press

The CP-Idaho Literature Fund

100-clip-1The American Revolution depended upon the printing press.  Without it, the Declaration of Independence could not have been printed and distributed to the People.  Riders carried copies of the Declaration to cities, towns, hamlets and homesteads throughout the Colonies.

In turn, this generated debates, discussions, meetings and letters.  From these, Liberty was born, a “New Constellation” called America.  Our freedom depends on the power of free speech and assembly, the petition of government and redress of grievances, as guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Today, American constitutionalists are engaged in every bit as mighty a struggle to keep the liberties that are our inheritance and American birth right.  And the printing press is no less vital now than it was in 1776.

To exercise our right of press requires funds.  Without funds, the effect is the same as holding a gun to force closure of the opposition’s political speech. Help us keep open our press!  We have riders.  But we need ink and paper.

Your contributions will help put high quality literature into the hands of precinct captains and canvassers across Idaho.  Please take the time to donate to the cause of a principled and limited government returned under the command of the People on constrained by the Constitution.  Even with a little, with all of us giving together, can accomplish a lot.  Otherwise, we will surely hang separately.



The CP-Idaho Literature Fund is restricted for use in printing and publishing educational and political policy material, including but not exclusive to bullet point cards, rack cards, brochures, programs, Constitution course material, printed policy and platform statements, and newsprint intended for direct voter education and outreach by the Constitution Party of Idaho