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Speaking of getting an Education in Idaho…

Speaking of getting an Education in Idaho… October 23rd, 2014

The Idaho Statesman has certainly revealed investigative news this year that has been of grave importance to the Constitution Party of Idaho. For example, it broke the story that Mr. Steven D. Pankey, who sought the endorsement of the Constitution Party, was in fact a homosexual extremist who actively advocated “same sex” so-called marriage in Idaho…a weird […]

A reminaing item of business from Convention

August 18th, 2014

An important item–calling for an independent Commission on Redistricting–was committed given time constraints at the end of the 2014 State Convention.  The proposed resolution calls for eliminating the machinations of partisan gerrymandering by establishing an independent commission to redistrict Idaho. As it stands now, unaffiliated voters are disfranchised entirely, their fate left to the manipulations and […]

Oh, so now they sing and dance…

Oh, so now they sing and dance… January 9th, 2014

Perhaps upon finally realizing that their sheer fabrications over public education were too immodest (or indecent), the Idaho Republicans are now issuing new skimpy coverlets of pretended support…now that we find ourselves in an election year. In the vulgar, numerous and quite colorful descriptions may be found for such scanty attire. We prefer not to […]

Constitution Party of Idaho Candidate Position Statement Series 2013-05-09

December 30th, 2013

Wrong Way Economy in Idaho ******************************************************************* The Constitution Party asserts that Republican Party economic policies have proven ruinous to Idaho families and communities. Economists tell us Idaho has a “structural problem with its economy”. If so, that fault lay with Republican architects. For if not they, then who? They have held uninterrupted control of the […]

Constitution Party of Idaho Candidate Position Statement Series 2013-07-02

December 30th, 2013

Immigration and Control of the National Border ******************************************************************* All legitimate governments have every right to control their national borders. Indeed, if they are to remain a nation, they are obligated to do so. The Constitution Party does not believe the so-called “system” of US Immigration is broken at all. Legal immigrants routinely are admitted into […]