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James Iredell understood it in 1788…

April 13th, 2017

The wheels on the bus go round and round… Blowhard so-called “constitutionalists” are bellowing in their bullhorns again. “Illegal!” they cry.  “Only Congress!” they shriek.  One should think, for all the purported “credentials” of so-called astute scholars, they would at least have a clue on the “intent” of the Founders based on, oh…evidence or something. Not for nothing, […]

Determined for the sake of all mankind…and then there’s “Junior”

April 7th, 2017

It is axiomatic, but we live in a messy world. Always have and will ever always be, as long as Homo sapiens exists.  Scriptures pointed out several millennia ago that leopards do not change their spots…absent true salvation, of course. We note that silver-spoon Randy (the spoiled boy child of Daddy Ron Paul) has begun […]

Trump as Bob Ross

Trump as Bob Ross February 26th, 2017

We remain on sabbatical, of sorts. Our respite from more active national commentary in the wake of this national party’s General Election artifices is well-earned.  Even so, on occasion we will comment upon matters of intrigue and entitlement, as the spirit moves us. By “artifices,” we refer to carefully staged Gomer Pyle onomatopoeia, scripted to […]

Idaho House Speaker Bedke Must Go!

Idaho House Speaker Bedke Must Go! January 17th, 2017

CP-Idaho normally keeps an “arm’s length” policy when it comes to Idaho Republican Party internal squabbles.  We avoid the imbroglio–we certainly have enough of our own with which to contend. We make an exception in the case of Heather Scott, District 1.   CP-Idaho is obliged in her defense.  It goes without saying, CP-Idaho shall stand upon principle.  Our readers know this. For that […]

More than enough rope…

More than enough rope… December 30th, 2016

Idioms are curious things. Despite humble beginnings, they routinely describe the general state of human affairs precisely.  Yes, yes.  Idioms are generally dismissed by contemptuous avant-garde sorts of snobs; yet still, idioms are true and painfully close to the marrow. “Give him enough rope to hang himself” is apropos. It is a pithy saying, that.  It […]