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Gallup: “a very significant state of disrepute”

Gallup: “a very significant state of disrepute” January 18th, 2015

Our pollster friends at Gallup just reported an incredible finding which, if true, suggests that in 2016 an historical counter-election is brewing.  A wolf at the door, as it were. Our caveat is that, much like the watch for potential hurricanes, not every low latitude disturbance actually becomes organized into a full blown Category 5.  Still, the signals are there […]

I was only a matter of time

April 4th, 2014

We see from the Washington Times today that outgoing (retiring, fleeing, skedaddling) Democrat Congressman James Moran of Virginia is pleading over what he perceives to be destitute wages for Congressmen…$174,000 per year.  That’s destitute? Moran is crying a river over the inability for Congress “to live decently in Washington” on such a paltry sum.  Well, we will agree […]

We endorse Dave Leip’s Election Atlas

October 3rd, 2013

We realize we have not yet gotten through the November 2013 “odd year” city, local and special elections. However, it is not too soon to begin dusting off campaign and political monitoring tools for the 2014 “off year” elections. Late fall of the “odd year” is traditionally a time of political campaign exploratory entries into […]

“Too big to pass”…the Confederate view

October 1st, 2013

We see today—now that the Federal government is pretended to be shut down—that efforts to fund government are being undertaken “piece by piece”…which is to say one at a time. It occurs to us that this was the way it should have been done all along. The thousands of pages of omnibus spending bills, unread, […]

con·san·guine (adj.) /kän-ˈsaŋ-gwən

July 25th, 2013

We see from a recent online report by National Journal that Republicans are oozing back to the swamp of earmarks and special interest favoritism, having succeeded in attracting electorate votes by the puffery of their biennial mating calls. We readily concede that these politicians are a fascinating breed of chameleon—effortlessly able to switch their colors […]