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Greens: losing credibility

Greens:  losing credibility December 7th, 2016

We mentioned in a previous post that Dr. Jill Stein was potentially the most powerful female politician in America.  We would even reiterate that compliment as late as the end of Election Day, 2016. Stein pulled in nearly 1.5 million votes (over 1% of the popular ballot).  Under Stein in 2016, the Green Party capitalized on […]

3rd parties DO affect national outcome

3rd parties DO affect national outcome November 15th, 2016

To facilitate discussion of the affect of third parties on the total national ballot,  CP-Idaho submits the chart below for our readers’ esteemed consideration. The chart shows the approximate percentage (very roughly calculated) of the total national ballot return by third parties over previous presidential elections going back just shy of a half century.  The chart gives the standard colors of the incumbent duopoly party occupying […]

CP-Idaho’s vote forecast models…after the fact

CP-Idaho’s vote forecast models…after the fact November 9th, 2016

Now with the benefit of hindsight and unofficial national ballot returns, a comparison of the forecast modeling–what was returned versus what was  predicted–may improve future vote forecasts.  These things are not necessarily easy to construct with accuracy…yesterday’s results in the General Election  prove that easily enough. CP-Idaho’s national vote forecast models were posted two months ago, before the election.  And, though not precisely accurate, the forecast was nevertheless […]

2016 State Convention Registration!

June 13th, 2016

For those seeking to pay their 2016 Idaho Convention registration fee early, it is $30 by check in the mail.  Please copy the following form and mail it with the fee to the state party address as indicated. Again, the $30 registration fee includes a catered light lunch at the hotel. For overnight room reservations, please contact the Lodge […]

Is East Idaho committing voter fraud?

Is East Idaho committing voter fraud? March 8th, 2016

East Idaho, evidently authored by Nate Sunderland, (which remains uncorrected at this point) falsely alleges the following: “Today’s primary is only open to registered Republican voters. However, residents can register to vote Republican or change their affiliation at the polls today.” The Secretary of State’s elections Office might be interested in investigating this misleading falsehood. […]