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2018 Campaign Support Awards

Constitution Party of Idaho Candidate Campaign Support Awards

To encourage and financially support CP-Idaho affiliated citizens who step up and declare for state and county elective offices, CP-Idaho hereby establishes “Campaign Support Awards”.

These financial incentives shall be competitive. Candidate application forms are found on the subordinate website page.  Requirements and the scoring process are explained in notes to the state party candidate application form, and found on the second subordinate website page.

Candidate submitted responses shall be graded—for content, coherence, style and communication skill. CP-Idaho enlisted, two Constitution Party state chairmen—Mr. Gale Joy, Chairman, CP-Ohio and Mr. Scott Copeland, Chairman CP-Texas—who have kindly agreed to serve as impartial judges to review the content submitted by CP-Idaho state and county candidates who apply for the CP-Idaho campaign support awards.

The CP-Idaho State Executive Committee, under the authority of the CP-Idaho Treasurer, Mr. Ray Writz, shall then issue financial awards to the state affiliate candidates upon the merit and quality of their applications as judged.

CP-Idaho intends to grow the available balance for candidate campaign support awards. Until such time however, as of 31 December 2017, the program funds available to grant are:

  • Two $100 competitive awards for statewide candidates—defined as candidates seeking State Legislature offices (Senate and House) or State Executive offices (Governor, Secretary of State, etc.)
  • Two $50 competitive awards for county or local candidates—defined as County Commissioners, Sheriffs, County Clerks, County Assessors, etc.

While the campaign awards currently available ($300) under this new CP-Idaho candidate support program are modest, in county or legislative district races, these funds can prove significant to CP-Idaho citizen candidates if their respective campaigns deploy them effectively.

In any case, these are the campaign support funds presently available.

In his capacity as CP-Idaho Acting Chairman, Mr. Floyd Whitley, hereby establishes the above candidate award program. Voters affiliated with the Constitution Party of Idaho are earnestly called to accept his fiscal challenge and match the funds to expand the award grants.

Citizens are solicited to declare for elective office, and to contribute to the Campaign Support Awards Fund. The intent of this program is to enhance our state affiliate’s ability to support CP-Idaho citizen candidate campaigns, and to improve the public presentation of our party’s standard bearers—the CP-Idaho citizen candidates.


Cottonwood, Idaho

23 October 2017