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Public Questions to the Presidential Candidates–Boise Debate 2016




12:30 to 3:30 P.M.  •  SATURDAY  •  27 FEBRUARY 2016

For information contact:  Mr. David W. Hartigan, Vice Chairman,

On March 8, 2016, registered Constitution Party of Idaho voters will go to the presidential primary polls to decide among three Constitution Party presidential candidates–Scott Copeland (Weatherford, Texas); Patrick Ockander (San Antonio, Texas); and J.R. Myers (Soldotna, Alaska).



The Idaho Presidential Primary will be a watershed event in the Constitution Party nationally–it will be the first competitive presidential primary in the history of the party.  For the first time, the entire Idaho Constitution Party registered voter base will directly poll at primary for their preferred nominee.

CP-Idaho has moved the selection of a national candidate out of the customary centralized decision making by the national executive committee and placed it where it properly belongs…directly with our statewide registered voter base.  We urge our CP-Idaho registered voters to turnout at primary.  The choice is now yours!

Idaho’s Primary result will commit our state’s eight (8) national delegates at the 2016 Constitution Party National Convention, 13-17 April 2016 in Salt Lake.  The national nominee will be determined there. Under Idaho’s National Delegate Rules & Procedures as set forth in September 2015, Idaho will be the only state affiliate to go to national convention firmly bound by our People.  It is the right way.

Meanwhile, about one week prior to the March 2016 primary, CP-Idaho will host the first of its kind…a Constitution Party Presidential Debate.  The Boise Debate will be held Saturday afternoon, February 27, 2016 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. (Mountain), in the William F. Hayes Auditorium, Boise Main Library, 715 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise Idaho 83702.

All three Constitution Party national candidates in the Idaho Primary have agreed to participate.  The candidates will also  greet the public in greater Boise following the Saturday afternoon debate on February 27th.  Details on various campaign locations are pending.

CP-Idaho registered voters have never had an opportunity to meet and direct questions to our party’s national candidates.  The Boise Debate will truly be a unique opportunity to advance the competitive status of the Constitution Party.  We expect the Boise Debate will be media moderated; but we are more interested in the public’s questions.  We seek public engagement in the process of participatory democracy…at open debate on the issues with our national candidates.

To accomplish this, we have provided a question form below…for YOUR questions.  After all, direct examination by the People is key for an evolved self government.  Please participate!  Submit your questions!

CP-Idaho’s Central Committee will choose as many questions submitted by the public at the Boise Debate as feasible under time constraints.  These questions will be closely guarded.  They will NOT be disclosed beforehand to the candidates.  We do not intend to “shape” the debate by salting the mine.   We seek authenticity.

Because the Idaho Primary will be “closed” (only registered Constitution Party voters are eligible for a ballot) we believe questions should be prioritized.  Registered CP-Idaho voters on the Idaho Secretary of State’s Voter List will receive first priority in their questions..  Second priority will similarly be given to Unaffiliated Idaho registered voters.  Third priority will be all others.

Note 1Unaffiliated voters, and new registrants, can receive a presidential primary ballot by affiliating with the Constitution Party on or before March 8, 2016.  Idaho voters registered with the other parties had until December 9th, 2015 to change affiliation to receive a CP primary ballot.

Note 2Regarding the Voter List. CP-Idaho routinely purchases an annual “year end” Voter List from the Idaho Secretary of State, usually about January 10th each year, and at other times during the year for party management purposes…e.g. credentialing delegates to our state convention, precinct structures and so forth.  Restrictions exist, under color of the law, in the use of these lists.

Note 3Our Boise Debate question form requests the submitter’s name and address–not because we are the NSA or “spammers”–but to permit us to cross reference submitted questions with the Idaho Voter List to establish the question queue at the Boise Debate.

Much difficult work remains to bring about a successful presidential candidates debate in Boise this February 27th.  So lastly, we appeal especially to registered CP-Idaho voters in Boise to step up and…  Volunteer!

Your state party, CP-Idaho, has worked diligently over the past year to bring to fellow Idahoans a sincere and open selection process in the Constitution Party national nomination.  The rest is up to you.  Reclaim you voice!  After all, it is your choice.

Make history in Idaho…submit the candidate question form.  As always, Godspeed Liberty.


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