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Patrick Anthony Ockander of Texas


I am one of US.  I am not a politician.  I am a God fearing man.

I intend to be the next George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, & Ronald Reagan all rolled into one.  I’m not suggesting a “New Deal,” but rather, A NEW GAME.

There is a great threat to America. I stand ready to deploy, engage & destroy the enemies of the United States of America…personally, if need be.

  • I will expose & eradicate corruption in our Government.
  • I will unite U.S. Defend U.S., our freedoms, our families & our way of life.
  • I stand for family & individual sovereignty.

With my vision for our future, we can restore peace, prosperity, security & power to We the People.

Everything is detailed in my book (at:  It’s; please read & share it. Friend me on Facebook. Join the conversation.

The Constitution will be restored.

Stand Now!