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Arlon Scott Copeland of Texas

Idaho facebook campaign page:

copeland2Greetings Idaho!

I enjoyed your beautiful scenery and the attitude of your citizens while campaigning in May of this year.  Jackie and I look forward to returning to Idaho as soon as possible.

Please visit the Americans for Scott Copeland website at to view my complete campaign platform—God, Family & Country:  Priorities Matter in 2016. Under the Country tab you will find Copeland’s Citizens Contract policies. These policies and programs will return our great nation to her citizens.  This is our Constitutional Republic, not the establishment ruling party’s nation.  American citizens should be first place.  We truly are unique.  We should never play second, third or fourth fiddle to any nation or people.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • “Why does the government need 40% of my wages and apply a death tax?”

  • “If I am age 58 and under, and social security and Medicare will not be there for me, why should I continue paying social security and Medicare taxes?”

  • “Why should my employer continue paying social security and Medicare taxes?”

  • “Should we be paying billions of tax payer money to the U.N.?”

  • “Why do the two establishment parties want open borders and amnesty?”

  • “How can we restore jobs and increase wages while greatly decreasing inflation?”

  • “Can we really downsize government, and how?”

The Copeland’s Citizens Contract policies answer these questions.

Working together we will overcome the “no vision” of republicans and democrats. The vision I offer brings stability to the home front by restoring Article One, Sections 8 and 9 of the U.S. Constitution. The hope we all deserve as American Citizens is freedom from the shackles of a huge, overbearing governmental system.

Please visit and join our Facebook page Idahoans for Scott Copeland USA for a refreshing vision.

Where there is low taxation, people have dreams. Where there is limited government, people are able to make their dreams into reality. Together we will restore the American dream. If this be your vision for America, please pledge $10 per month for the next year.

God bless Idaho!

Reverend Scott Copeland