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2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidates

idahoflag1The Constitution Party of Idaho will participate in the statewide Idaho Presidential Primary to be held March 8, 2016, having provided official written notification of intent to the Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division.

The applicable Idaho Code is Chapter 7, Title 34, Section 34-731 through Section 34-738. Our candidacy reporting standard for this website shall be one of rigorous impartiality.

The candidate pages listed hereunder do not constitute an endorsement by CP-Idaho.  We are obliged to report a complete list of self-declared Constitution Party candidates who seek the presidency.  Our purpose is to provide fellow CP-Idaho citizens with the information necessary to make informed decisions at the Idaho Presidential Primary poll.

To ensure impartiality, CP-Idaho shall list presidential candidates who claim affiliation to the Constitution Party in order—based upon the date and time of the accepted complete or amended FEC Form 2. Federal candidate information updates within 48 hours of receipt of a filing. Thus, the FEC Form 2 webpage is our source for Constitution Party presidential candidate pages. 


Rules pertaining to what constitutes a legitimate FEC Form 2 candidate are arbitrarily or incompetently enforced.  The FEC is a federal agency, after all.  Still, to ensure impartiality, CP-Idaho requires a starting datum point on a candidate.  The  FEC Form 2 serves this purpose.

However, to compete at primary in Idaho, all legitimate presidential candidates must file with the Idaho Secretary of State a declaration of candidacy, which must be accompanied by a one thousand dollar ($1,000) filing fee not later than ninety (90) days prior to the presidential primary. The deadline for candidate filings is therefore close of business, Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  This requirement ultimately will distinguish authentic presidential primary candidates from the rest.

Toward that end, effective Thursday, December 10, 2015, the presidential candidate list will be purged of all Constitution Party candidates who fail to meet the state imposed deadline for filing an accepted declaration of candidacy with the Idaho Secretary of State. The final CP-Idaho list of the 2016 Constitution Party Idaho Presidential Primary candidates will then be reordered—based upon the date and time of the Constitution Party candidate declarations accepted by the Idaho Secretary of State.

Until the December 10, 2015 purge date, shall conditionally provide each Constitution Party candidate in possession of a filed FEC Form 2 with a candidate page. On it, the candidate’s commentary will be limited to 150 words.  A photo image will be permitted as well as a facebook link.  But in all cases, retains the exclusive right to edit copy for error, decorum and decency. Candidate pages in violation of these rules shall be forfeited. Beyond that, it is our ambition that we hereby create a forum for deciding upon the merits of the candidates, their proposals and ideas, their ambitions and their vision for our national party, our country and our Gem State.


Our literature and postage costs are increasing.  In order to turnout CP-Idaho voters, these expenses are inescapable….even with a website.  Please donate.  The CP-Idaho Literature Fund is restricted for use in printing and publishing educational and political policy material, including but not exclusive to bullet point cards, rack cards, brochures, programs, Constitution course material, printed policy and platform statements, postage and newsprint intended for direct voter education and outreach by the Constitution Party of Idaho.