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Who Dunnit? THE question on that Trump dossier

October 25th, 2017
Who Dunnit?  THE question on that Trump dossier

One of the things about setting trip wires is that if you don’t do it properly, it often explodes in your face.  And so it seems the Democrat Dogs have done, trying to set up the Trump-Russia so-called probe.

The Democrat Dogs have long since alleged they had this dossier thing, insinuating it was a document originating with U.S. intelligence and that it “proved” President Trump should be impeached.

It now turns out that dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign (or its principals and associates) and that this partisan document was used in whole or in part by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Key word:  federal.

Democrat Dogs are hoisted on their own petard.

It has long been established that the Obama Administration of radical anarchists used federal agencies to attack opponents on the right–the IRS comes to mind; and so do the cash slush funds from class actions; so do both former Attorneys General.

It is now the FBI which must be investigated for what is becoming more and more transparent…poetic justice because it justified a federal investigation of the sitting Executive, without foundation, based solely upon a political party’s barking insistence that agencies within the Executive should continue to be used to suppress its political opponents.  Apparently, it’s part of the job descriptions for Obama era shovel ready federal employees.

There is one question regarding the discredited dossier that media has not asked, or at least not emphasized.  Reports claim that the dossier was opposition research initially purchased by a Republican contender in the 2016 primaries.

AFTER it was clear that Mr. Trump would succeed at obtaining the Republican nomination, this dossier smear job ended up in the Democrat challenger’s hands–Mrs. Clinton (and/or her campaign associates).

The real question (given the Republican establishment’s Jeff Flakes, Bob Corkers, John McCains and Lindsey Grahams…Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowskis, Mitch McConnells, Rand Pauls, etc.) is:  Who was that Republican “loyalist” who transferred the dossier work over to the Democrats?

A casual review of the Republican “top” contenders in 2016 (those lasting longest):  John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, John Gilmore, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.

A lower tier Republican contender group which withdrew earlier shows:  George Pataki, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

One never knows, but some of these former contenders can probably be safely ruled out–for example, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry and likely Scott Walker.  These players hold  positions in one fashion or another within the Administration.

But there are a few names that stand out.  Was the dossier turned over to the Democrats by John Kasich?  He only withdrew as of May 4th, 2016.  Among all Trump’s Republican opponents, arguably, Kasich was the most embittered.  And he continues to be.  And Kasich is the most Democrat-like of the bunch.  Was it him?

Or, was it Jeb Bush?  He too was embittered; and still is.  And, he had a curious kind of “access” to information and foreign contacts, being a First Family scion.

In the lower tier of opponents, two names certainly stand out–Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul, also among the most caustic criticizers of Trump.  We don’t know of any two pretender Republicans lower than this pair.

Perhaps Carly Fiorina?  After all, that was some sexist dust up between Trump and Fiorina.  Maybe it was a woman [Fiorina] to woman(?) [Clinton] empathy kind of deal.

In any case, should CP-Idaho will hold a fund raising poll on who dunnit?

Let’s do it.  To enter the Who Dunnit’ Dossier–citizens are asked to place donations on the name they think it is.  Send the name and donation to Ray Writz, Treasurer, CP-Idaho PO Box 186, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816–or use the online donate button if you’re feeling particularly generous.

We’ll send an official CP-Idaho postcard acknowledging the winners, and publish the results online.

PS.  If you see someone looking like the picture above at your door this Halloween…don’t open it.

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