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May 25th, 2017

Whatever—is colloquial for indifference, a laconic short shrift, however morose.

By way of example:  Congress is once again being asked by an Administration (Republican or Democrat is without standing) to increase the national debt limit…and that prompts the curt rejoinder.  Whatever.

“As if” will also work just as well here…and perhaps is less mordant.  We have news of another pending increase in the national statutory debt limit…“as if” a limit even exists anymore.

Word games are fun, aren’t they?  The federal debt now exceeds the Gross Domestic Product, as it has for the previous five years.  Yet still, that is not enough to feed the insatiable demands of federal entitlement—of its redundant overhead, its profligate waste, its contractual fraud, its extortionist civil service and its gross inefficiency?

2017_Debt to GDP


Physically speaking, a limit exists to the depth of a hole.  On Earth, you’ve only got the Crust, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core available for it.  At some point, your break through the other side and out into endless space.  And perhaps we already have—considering the federal debt (at this point) exceeds the GDP.  Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons” comes to mind—”St. Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go.”

Peering down into that hole, it is obvious that this will not end well.  Already the rumblings of eruptive money rates are discernible.  How could they not be?  Once the hole departs the realm of solid Earth and pierces into the molten underworld, what do you expect?

Federal outlays on interest are again nearing their all time high, laid down in 2009.  Modern monetary theorists at the federal company store seemingly are oblivious of the interest pressure.  Financial reports, in just one example, from Asia are foreboding.  The Chinese, they say, have a problem with unmanageable debt.

As if…the United States is presently managing its own GDP-busting debts so well?  Whatever.

2017_Interest Outlay


For CP-Idaho’s part, we have long marveled at the deliberate obtuseness of the national Constitution Party.  The entire premise of having an opposition party, an alternative, should suggest that viable and credible proposals must be in evidence which address societal issues, such as the national debt.

Unfortunately, the national party would rather deflect with its own kind of “whatever”.  In lieu of doing the difficult work to create sensible and doable policies, it talks endlessly about such pithy matters like “Con-Con”…as if.

Doubtless, citizens wait upon baited breath to hear more of the same old.  It’s gotta be at the tippy top of every citizen’s concerns… or not.  That retreaded Article V constitutional convention was old hack back in the 1960s when the “Wizard of Ooze,” Senator Everett Dirksen (R-Illinois) was clamoring about it.  Indeed, that same old “Con-Con” routine regularly cycles across national news every decade or so…to the point that is has become predictable.

Here in 2017, it’s no nearer to fruition than it was ten years ago, or fifty.  Yet, it continues to have its uses.  For example, it’s quite handy whenever substantive issues must be addressed, and some Machiavellian politician has no realistic blueprints for any solutions.  It gives the guy a vignette in which he can pose, while he’s stalling and hoping something comes along to relieve him of his pasted grin.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt.  That national debt hole has not even considered marking time.  It stalls not a nanosecond.

For once, rather than resort to routine tripe and mindless demagoguery, it would certainly be refreshing for the so-called national party organization (if that is what it is) to come out of its dark executive committee cave, and put up an intelligent legislative proposal or two, instead recycling its lifeless by-rote credos and worn-out fear mongered “stories”.  For once, it would be nice to step up to the promise of the Renaissance of the Common American, the extraordinary ordinary citizen.

Alas, the cult continues to gaze at rocks and divine in the dark–or at least pretend they do.  Little wonder that most Americans have by now more or less dismissed the national Constitution Party with a resounding…“whatever”.


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