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To Preserve the Nation

August 21st, 2012

Scott Bradley is the author of  – To Preserve the Nation –  and a former candidate for United States Senate in Utah.  In this video, Scott invites us to understand and stand with the Founding Fathers.

2 Responses To This Post

  1. Bob Says:

    Why choose the constitutional party?
    The conservatives seem to be having problems finding a home. The Republican Party is forcing them to either give up their principles or leave the party. This is a big dilemma for the true conservatives in the Republican Party. On the one hand they know if they divide and leave the Republican Party that the Democrats, the liberals, will control all three branches of the government.

    Some of the tea party members have been looking at the Libertarian party as the answer. The truth of matters libertarians refuse to compromise any of their ideology and this makes it impossible for other conservatives to join them.

    The libertarians consider themselves the only true conservatives in the political spectrum. But the conservatives in the Republican Party understand that the world does not end at the borders of United States. They understand that the outside world affects the lives of the people within side those borders. This is something that libertarians do not seem to understand when they talk about foreign-policy or diplomatic diplomacy when dealing with other countries.

    There are two other conservative parties, besides the Libertarian party, they being the constitutional party and the conservative party. Neither one of these parties really show a presence on the political scene, could that change?

  2. cpvicechair Says:

    Ignoring certain morality issues of Libertarians that do not pass muster with members of the Constitution Party, the Libertarians have an extreme view of national borders and immigration. It was repeated many times during the 2012 election. They apparently believe in absolutely open borders…no nationalism. Unfortunately that, like a lot of radical social theories, fails the test of time’s experience. After all, locusts swarms act very much like that as well.