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Theses of Reform of the Constitution Party–#7

December 15th, 2017
Theses of Reform of the Constitution Party–#7

7.  Enact a party wide parliamentarian qualification program effective immediately.

a. Competency to run proper parliamentary meetings is woefully absent in this political party—true at all levels of the organization and especially true at the podium under the incompetent gavel of the national executive…who apparently prefers general ignorance as being easier to manipulate.

b. This party, incredulously, entreats the public at large…“trust us” as a viable and worthy alternative to the duopoly. Yet no evidence of even a rudimentary understanding of parliamentary order exists among the rank and file, the state affiliates and for that matter the National Committee.  At least it is not demonstrated or practiced.

c.  Until such understanding does exist, and until it is practiced at every level of this would-be “national” political organization, the national CP will forever remain a play-acting clique. The pertinent question is: Does the CP rank and file believe that someone ELSE will take care of what are in fact their own  parliamentary rights? If so, then that foolishness defies history. It also defies the claims that this organization believes in liberty, and believes in taking one’s own societal obligations seriously.

d. At the very least, each state affiliate, irrespective of its ballot qualification, should have within its organization two qualified parliamentarians—a principal and an alternate. Otherwise, how do state affiliates (and especially the national party) traverse legitimate business in a bona fide deliberative body? The answer is: it doesn’t. The answer is: it hasn’t.  National CP will always remain a hideous top-down construction; its members will always remain lackeys totally incapable of bootstrapping themselves upward.  And as such, they will forever be subservient to their executive masters. In no manner is that leadership. It is buffoonery.

e. By boycotting the physical Fall NCM (until it is terminated completely), and by redirecting those substantial personal travel outlays into a more productive use—to wit: creating qualified parliamentarians throughout the organization—the national party would at least then be able to begin a deliberative renaissance. Unless it does so, it will forever be trapped in the Dark Ages of an unanswerable national executive which continues to operate this party in secret, wholly in defiance of parliamentary rules and open governance.

f.  What is in place now are national executive initiatives introduced to the assembly under an insistence that it issue a formulaic rubber stamp. This practice robs the organization of self reliance, of origination; it robs it of leadership development within the ranks; it robs it of creativity; it robs it of managerial oversight.

g. Rather than expending dear personal and state member resources on yet another pile of buffet plates at some distant Hilton property, that money would be better expended with the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP). Indeed, the University of Wisconsin has an online program to qualify registrants who successfully complete the course, as members of the NAP…for $275 (an amount that is perhaps only one fourth of the cost to belly up to a single NCM hors d’ oeuvres table, at an otherwise pointless physical NCM).

h.  Which expense ultimately yields a better return?

i.  Many NCM attendees are fat enough already. Worse still, too many haven’t a clue about parliamentary procedure…or if they do, they certainly don’t practice it. So the question remains:  Why should the public at large entrust so-called “representatives” from the national CP to handle legislative duties, when these same members themselves have little, if any, evident understanding of the parliamentary process? The public has not done so, in general. Nor will it do so in the future until this party demonstrates competence.

j. NAP also offers parliamentarian certification and continuing education programs itself. It offers an array of course material that is invaluable to understanding Rules of Order. In any case, until the entire body is knowledgeable in parliamentary process and until it begins to function as an authentic deliberative body, to use this process (as it claims it to do), it will forever be diminished to the caterwauler of rube incendiaries completely devoid of intelligence and penniless in coherent public policy.

k. Just say no! No top-down control! No in camera general policy management! Bring this organization out into the fresh air and daylight of honest procedures. Pull your head out. Rise up. And take up…take up YOUR responsibilities. If you yourselves do not know how to orient in a parliament, then get thee knowledge. As Proverbs said, that is more valuable than gold and silver…and buffet plates stacked high with food that most of you do not need. Otherwise, you will always argue with (and as) fools…another act which Proverbs condemns.

BOYCOTT THE NCM…and in lieu, reinvest those personal resources into your own parliamentary rights…your liberty to deliberate.

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