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The fasci symbol…and how we can improve upon it

September 15th, 2013

Before it became much maligned (it gave its name to Fascism under Mussolini), an ancient fasci represented a republic. Adopted from the Etruscans, during the Roman Republic fasces symbolized the strength of an empowered people bound together under law and republican principles.

Today, fasces are widespread symbols throughout modern American government. For example, fasces adorn the armchair of the sculpture in the Lincoln Memorial; fasces also appear on both sides of the American Flag displayed upon the wall behind the Speaker’s rostrum in the US House of Representatives; a fasci appears above the doorway into the Oval Office; crossed fasces appear on the official seal of the United Sates Senate. Fasces are found on the seal of the National Sheriffs Association, on the reverse side of our dime, on the seal of the State of Colorado, and on the seal of the National Guard Bureau.

The purpose of this foray into American-style faces is not to stoke conspiracy theories about the current American government being “secretly” Fascist—even though its current manifestation does give us pause.

Instead, the Constitution Party of Idaho’s political philosophy is that to become a truly strong nation, the base of society must be healthy, educated, virtuous, and financially secure… the end purpose of a real government by the People. And the working middle class is our society’s base.

Our political ambition is to return to the tried and true social model, one that is  focused upon the working middle class and upon the traditional American family.  To continue to favor oligopolies on the one hand, and non-productive indolent welfare entitlements on the other, is destructive. Both are parasitical upon the body of a free People. Both are, in any case, ineffective.

Given the shear amount of corporate favoritism today at all levels of government, and given the massive amount of socialistic entitlement spending, one should think that long ago we would have resolved all our economic difficulties. That we have not, given the price tag and costs to our tradition and heritage, suggests that the centralized model being used by Federal government does not work.

Beyond the evident need to revive spiritual faith in America, we suggest our Nation falters because the working middle class has been drained of its vitality to the point of fiscal exhaustion, as the chart from shows. We are faced with perpetual debt serfdom.

The pervasive corporate favoritism for oligopolies, and the prevalence of an extortion of welfare handouts for indolent hoodlums, has eroded the financial foundations and security of America’s entire working class. Government unions, 501 (c) 4 lobbies, and multinational conglomerates have all now effectually been grafted onto the stem of modern America’s centralized government…this in turn is sapping vitality from the roots of our society, the family.

Our government was never intended to work this way. Those who suggest that America has descended into a de facto national socialism, to us, do have valid arguments.  We do not consider them extreme under the circumstances, but we would seek to refine them…to be effective, these arguments need to be honed.

Under false claims to “limit” government, our corporatist Republican opponents have systematically enabled the rapine plunder of the financial assets of our working middle class. Under false claims of “general welfare,” our Democrat opponents enslave significant portions of society with moral decadence and then use them as political mob mercenaries to continue extortion.

Between the two of these, the working middle class is being further and further indentured. No one, it seems, is honestly standing for the American working middle class. Yet, it is upon the broad shoulders of this same working middle class that the fate of America’s entire culture depends.

For this reason, we say it is time to focus upon improving the lot of this much abused segment of our society. Clearly, economic conditions have little improved, not when labor participation rate is factored into the advertised economic results of our two big-box political opponents.  We say the government has experimented long enough with theories that prove worse than what they profess to cure. Neither the Bolshevik socialists nor the Fascist socialists have the interests of the working middle class at heart.

Much like the “Know Nothing Party” of the mid-1800s, America’s working middle class will indeed go extinct…unless we unite. Our very survival now depends upon our own active organization and political involvement. No one else will do this for us. We must. And that is the purpose of our rhetorical use of the fasci.  Let us bind ourselves under common law and under the principles of true representative republican government. Together we are stronger than a centralized state.

We are absolutely certain that, with God’s grace and with the broad shoulders of the American working class, we can once again reclaim American prosperity and peace.  Therefore, stand with CP-Idaho.  We are committed to defending the American working middle class, the traditional family and our mutual western way of life.  Contact us with your support and prayers.

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