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Report Card Time!

June 2nd, 2017
Report Card Time!

Over at our Constitution Party of Idaho facebook page today, a passionate plea for contributions is made.  We again urge your generous donations, and will plant the donate button at the conclusion of this article.

Here, we wish provide our readers–and hopefully our citizen benefactors–with some sense about where CP-Idaho deploys its funds.  For what purposes?

Well, this website is a prime example.  First of all, it’s not free.  There aren’t any free lunches.  It costs money to keep the utilities on.  The contract with the present service provider is coming due THIS autumn.

To keep our state party website operational beyond October 2017, CP-Idaho needs approximately $300 to $350 for a contract extension.  Technically, this  “expense” is in part carried as a forward paid asset under depletion (for all you pencil wizards out there).

“All right,” you may say.  “But, is the cost warranted?” In answer, we will issue a report card of sorts, and then you can decide.

We have said many times before; is this state party’s most valuable asset.  Indeed, it might well be the ONLY asset except for some preprinted literature in inventory.  This website permits an exchange of information and opinion.  That is, after all, a prime purpose of political parties. is the terminal of our statewide party.  But it has not always been that way.  CP-Idaho has had an online presence, as far as we can tell in the anecdotal evidence, since  2003-2004.  Apparently, the party dropped its  website twice, before taking up the current service provider in 2011, roughly.

Records of early website activity are spotty, at best.  We reconstructed a table of fresh content posted each month since early 2008.  It is clear that the previous administration was sporadic and inconsistent.

For example, the website was inexplicably pulled down in 2012 in early October, in the heart of the presidential campaign by Virgil Goode.  That defies reason.  Following the November 2012 election, a complaint was sent up chain.  The gist was that a consistent effort to keep the website current was vital.  Besides, the state party was still paying for the service, whether or not it was actually using it…so go figure.

In December  2012, it was agreed that if fresh content was created, it would be posted.  So, the effort was undertaken in January 2013 (shown in table as light orange)…only to discover that the new articles were never in fact posted.  A heck of a way to run a website…heck of a way to operate a state party…sporadic, random, occasional; and mostly…nothing.

2017_May_month posts

That administration stepped aside.  And the difference in website attention to fresh content is apparent in the table.  So too is the traffic being generated.  A number of different measures can show this, but perhaps the simplest is the bandwidth.

[Note: when service providers changed in 2011, traffic statistics did not migrate with the change, even though the record of content posts did.]


It is fair to say that, by almost all measures, traffic through the portal has blown away anything previously accomplished  prior to the present management.

Why is this traffic important?  Well, not to reduce the purpose of the website too narrowly but, support of our citizen candidates is our most important mission.  The following chart shows how mutually supports our candidates.  [We stripped the 2017 website hit numbers to make the chart more manageable.  Give us a break.]

As can be seen, the website hits tend to spike in association with an election…and importantly, this includes primaries.  One of the things which personifies our maturation as a state political party is that fact that, under the present management, CP-Idaho has undergone two “forced” primaries–2014 in Legislative District 1 and 2016 Statewide.  And of course, we held the CP-Idaho Presidential Primary in early 2016.

The point is that without functioning and operational, an even greater handicap for our citizen candidates would exist.  With it, they have access to just under 5,000 website readers per month, who spend just under 5 minutes on average per visit, and consume monthly over 20,000 pages of content.  Present administration is justifiably proud of that achievement.


One final chart shows the net gains in terms of votes, and this is perhaps the single most important measure because it shows a feedback mechanism between the website activity and our vote yield as a ballot qualified, sovereign state political party.  We present it to demonstrate that an interconnectivity does exist between the realized votes and all of these necessary and connected parts–and therefore your financial contributions are merited.  CP-Idaho has earned it the old fashioned way–by works.

CP-Idaho’s performance in 2016 was absolutely record breaking.  Clearly, the state party’s ballot record is anything but “defunct” (as some of our ardent critics  claim).  In terms of our state party’s aggregated ballot yield, in 2016 we easily doubled any previous “candidate class”.

To keep this momentum in 2018 and beyond requires involvement by our fellow citizens.  It requires you…and your physical and fiscal participation.

The amount of work and sacrifice put in by our current volunteers has been enormous.  That often escapes media mention.  Please match the commitment of our volunteers by stepping up and donating.

This website must be maintained and the work of our volunteers must be supported.  Without it, and without them, this state party will again be reduced to sporadic attention…to a management that will promise long, yet deliver nothing.

Current CP-Idaho administration takes pride that over the past three  years we have protected and delivered this state party to very shadow of the Temple, to borrow from the poet Khalil Gibran.  It is you, the individual, who must decide whether you will enter it.  We cannot force you.  We can only show you the gate.

2016_total ballot

Please contribute generously.  The 2018 midterms are fast approaching.  Our candidates and state party operations need support now in order to improve upon our competitive record next year.

piryx1CP-Idaho Literature Fund is restricted for use in printing and publishing educational policy material, public programs   and website activity intended for direct voter education and outreach by the Constitution Party of Idaho

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