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Reminder: CP-Idaho State Central Committee Call

May 3rd, 2017

A scheduled conference call for the State Central Committee has been scheduled for 3:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Saturday, March 13th.  Please note this on your calendars.

Participants are reminded to check their email for an invitation and call code.  Also, if this time does not work for you, please contact Mr. Whitley, and he will try to arrange a call that can meet everyone’s schedule.  (We went with Saturday afternoon because one member is working two jobs, and so forth.)

This will be a regular business agenda (somebody has to do it).  We will also discuss address various sundry matters of importance; a few matters are time critical and require deliberation and an official vote.

On a more fun note, we may attend a county fair in east Idaho this summer (2017); but, time grows short to make that decision.  Mentioned were Madison and Jefferson counties in the far east.  But, certainly other east central counties such as Minidoka or maybe even south central Blaine ought to receive consideration at least.

So, Central Committee–Bring your opinions!  And, prepare to do battle for who gets to claim the 2017 fair booth–because unless the tooth fairy shows up, we only have the funds and time to do one.

[Note:  it is possible to do two, perhaps; but that would be contingent on generating contributions to cover the expense.  Mentioned yesterday in an article under Idaho State news, we’re running tight on the budget.

Lastly, CP-Idaho registered voters are also requested to put in their own say in the hat about which county fair we do.  Send your opinion (in writing–a postcard will do) to our official “State Contact”–Ray J. Writz, PO Box 186, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

We’ll consider these written opinions as ballots and group them by State Area, with each State Area getting a vote.  We want to come up with the best county fair choice for 2017.  Besides, who knows?  While at the fair, we might even recruit municipal candidates for the pending 2017 November city council elections.

[Municipal filing deadline, incidentally, is September 7…if we have the skinny correct.  Those interested in campaigning, again need to get in touch with State Contact Ray J. Writz, CP-Idaho’s Treasurer.]



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