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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

July 18th, 2017
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Now that America is six months into the thing, a few observations upon the Trump presidency thus far are perhaps warranted.

Merit-wise, only one executive decision is worthy of praise—namely, the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch. Perhaps praise at this point may be preemptory (given life long tenures of Supreme Court Justices); but in general, Gorsuch appears to be an exemplary choice.

Beyond that, there isn’t much.

Trump’s “turn” in office thus far is given a definite thumbs down, especially after so much braggadocios puffery out on the campaign trail.  CP-Idaho is hard pressed to find much substance in the gentleman’s administration.  And it’s not for our want of trying.

Permit your author an anecdotal example.  While in the U.K. on vacation this spring with my charming spouse, the interest expressed by many (perhaps most) Scottish and British citizens on Trump was surprising, especially compared to an at-large dullard apathy by many (perhaps most) Americans.

Nearly each of the U.K. citizens with whom we talked wanted our candid opinion on Mr. Trump.  Oddly enough, for the most part these U.K. citizens had a favorable view of Trump; or better said, of the “promise” of Trump.

My reply was sincere. Though my wife certainly had a less-than-favorable regard for President Trump, with less than three months in office at that time, I said it was too early to tell—he needed to be given the chance to govern; and the left was clearly attempting to deny him that chance.

It is well known, that Democrat methodology (upon being denied the White House themselves) is to engage in personal character assignation, known in the vulgar as “Borking”.  These tactics are only effective with tabloid personalities however, those who take the stuff seriously, like a Kardashian for example.

In Mr. Trump’s case, the personal attacks have been effective.  That they are, leads to a circumstantial conclusion…Is that all there is?

In this judgment, please understand.  CP-Idaho does not score the gentleman based upon the unending venom being spit out by the Left.  After all, just because a tabloid journal is in your face at the grocery store checkout next to the candy bars, that does not mean you must pick it up and consume it.  We’re about more than that.

Mr. Trump’s presence in the White House proves anew the folly of electing anyone based upon ideology or personality.  Personality cults are truly the bane of a republic.  Over time, they are dangerous to liberty and destructive of minority rights…which must be protected assuming we are a republic.

At the polling booth, we should be about selecting statesmen.  Unfortunately, with a  multi-billion dollar photo-shopped prostitution ring known today as a  presidential campaign, we are not getting statesmen.  We get hucksters, charismatics and a never ending stream of blaring tabloid headlines at two bucks a copy…and worthless at any price.

It’s definitely an Einstein revelation of sorts; repeatedly doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

As for results, we cannot help but express dismay.  An obvious disjuncture exists between the Trump promises on the campaign trail and the Trump reality.  Mr. Trump’s nationalist tirades about North Korea, for example, have petered out into a pusillanimous and soft offer in the back channels—so South Korea now wants to initiate another round of military talks in Panmunjom.

That’s his “muscular” foreign policy plan?  Been there. Done that.  And if anything projects weakness, particularly after the bellicose Mr. Trump railed so loudly against it on the campaign trail, pandering to North Korean thugs would be it.

The Iranian nuclear “agreement” is yet another example of Trump’s diet of mea culpa crow.  He was against it, before he was for it.  Move over John Kerry!  A new item is on the Waffle House menu.

And there’s the Obamacare debacle and the Republican Keystone Cops routine.  Regardless of what does–or does not–come out of Congress, the Republican vaudeville act plainly intends to exempt itself (naturally) from whatever it is they concoct…and this generously assumes anyone ever “finds out what’s in it”.

Ditto the flip flop on Main Street.  A sensible approach to reinvigorate the American economy was promised.  Now?  Not so much.  It’s now “talk the dollar down,” and hope that jawboning increases foreign demand for American goods?  What a plan!

On the other side of the planet, ditto China, ditto Russia, ditto G20.  We’re running out of dittos on tough talk and broken promises.  But we will save a special ditto on socialist France and the Promenade des Berges de la Seine side order of flip-flop.  Trump’s dogma about “non” climate change is particularly delicious.  His reversal now must burn even his most ardent followers.

No more red meat and potatoes; looks like it’s crepes soufflés all the way in the Trump White House.

We save the worst for last.  Attorney General Sessions is telling us that police will be seizing more property in criminal busts.  Property seizures apparently are considered a reward via the connivance of “adoptive forfeiture”.  For our part, the term “extra-judicial” comes to mind; so do conflicts of interest and that ignored antiquated document called the Constitution.  But we quibble.

In any case, so much for the “art” of the deal.

Mr. Trump rode into office on a high horse and the “promise” of a new sheriff in town.  Now that we’ve met the new boss, he’s the same as the old boss.  The only significant difference we see is that the marble bust of Churchill has been replaced and dusted off.

As long as American voters continue to march to the cadence of personality cults of whatever persuasion, they will left-right-left themselves all the way to an “adoptive forfeiture” of liberty.


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