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Idaho Legislative District 1 Primary–CP-Idahoans Must Vote!

May 17th, 2014

In the recent Bonner County Daily Bee “candidate forum” video, Jack Mervin clearly did not answer the question about his not reflecting Constitution Party values.

Instead, Mervin cavalierly deflected the question, and in so doing dismissed values as irrelevant.  According to him, every American “is” a constitutionalist.  But as Bill Clinton infamously once said, that depends on what the definition of “is” is.

Mervin disdains CP-Idaho’s core values and assumes it’s okay not to “agree with every word verbatim” of our platform, as he put it.  But the issues are not merely “verbatim” words.  Issues are our fundamental core beliefs, especially in regards to the Sanctity of Life.

As expressed in our platform, “The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent life.  Therefore, it is the duty of all civil governments to secure and to safeguard the lives of all, from conception to the end of natural life.”  Mervin disagrees with this fundamental principle…and a great many other similar principle values of CP-Idaho as well.

Simply said, Mervin has confused “constitutionalist” with “opportunist”.  It is proper to ask Mervin: What have you ever contributed to support CP-Idaho?  The answer so far is nothing whatsoever.  So, if he does not support CP-Idaho and does not support our values, why should our party’s voters support him merely because he now styles himself a constitutionalist under his Clintonian definition of what “is” is?

CP-Idaho has one, and only one, endorsed candidate in District 1’s State Senate contest–Christian Fioravanti.   I personally appeal to our registered CP-Idaho voters in District 1 to turn out to the polls.  Vote upon principle and values.  Vote for your party’s only endorsed candidate in District 1.  Vote for Mr. Fioravanti.   Godspeed Liberty.

Floyd Whitley, Acting Chairman, Constitution Party of Idaho

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