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Idaho House Speaker Bedke Must Go!

January 17th, 2017
Idaho House Speaker Bedke Must Go!

CP-Idaho normally keeps an “arm’s length” policy when it comes to Idaho Republican Party internal squabbles.  We avoid the imbroglio–we certainly have enough of our own with which to contend.

We make an exception in the case of Heather Scott, District 1.   CP-Idaho is obliged in her defense.  It goes without saying, CP-Idaho shall stand upon principle.  Our readers know this.

For that reason, we denounce in no uncertain terms the raw arrogance of Idaho House Speaker Bedke.  His preposterous and vindictive actions against Representative Scott have contaminated, perverted, the State Legislature of Idaho.

Mr. Bedke’s action is a  damnable violation of due process.  Further, he has disfranchised the People of an entire Legislative District.  Who does Mr. Bedke think he is?  Never mind.  We’ve seen more than enough evidence of despotism.  Perhaps Mr. Bedke should invite Mr. Assad of Syria in for a leadership conference; they have much in common.

Reported yesterday by Ms. Betsy Russell, Spokesman Review, Mr. Bedke assumes (or rather presumes) that he is in personal and exclusive possession of a wholly separate “fourth” branch of government.  Petty dictators, on the order of Mr. Bedke or Mr. Assad, always seem to make the same presumption.

It is a cookie cutter system of government by fiat.  Regardless, poison is still poison, sweetened or not…however it may be presented, with spritzes or without.  For our part, we refuse the temptation.  Thank you very much, but we are more constitutional meat and potatoes kinds of guys ourselves.

Thus, it never ceases to amaze how petty politicians always justify their own abusive capriciousness.  Says Mr. Bedke, in regards to a sympathetic stand of  unity by five colleagues of Ms. Scott (each of whom insist that they too be stripped of committee assignments–fair being fair), “I don’t think I’ll be acting on those requests soon.”

Again, who does Bedke think he is?…I?…as in “I AM the state”?  Move over King Louie; you have a new contender.

Ah well, far be it from us to point out, but Mr. Bedke must act on those requests.  It’s  not up to him.  And if Mr. Bedke does not so act, he must step down–fair being fair.

CP-Idaho demands that Speaker Bedke produce verbatim the source of his presumed plenitpotentiary power.  Surely, as House Speaker, Mr. Bedke has a copy of the  Idaho Constitution about his office someplace, however disused it may be.  Perhaps the gentleman should blow the dust off and actually read it.  Until he does, Idahoans need look no further for the poster boy of unadulterated abuse in elective office than the Grand Poobah of Oakley.

We dare draw The Poo’s attention to Article VI, Section 6, thereof.  It refers to recall.  The People do have remedies to counter the blight of pompous politicians such as Mr. Bedke.  Whether the Eastern Potentate accepts it or not, HE remains subject to the People…not the other way round.

To CP-Idaho’s knowledge, the electorate did not install at any time the contemptuous Mr. Bedke as Idaho’s Overlord.  We have, after all, constitutional rule here; which implies a distribution of powers.  So, whether or not we agree with her expressed sentiments, Ms. Scott from District 1 (and those Republican Party legislators courageous enough who stand with her) is absolutely right.

Mr. Bedke usurped unto himself the power of judge, jury and executioner.  Because of that usurpation, it is Mr. Bedke who now must be stripped.  By his inexcusable “punishment” against Ms. Scott for what amounted to an exercise of her constitutionally protected speech, Mr. Bedke is now in absolute contradiction of Article II (to say nothing of Article I’s enumerated rights) of the Idaho Constitution, which unequivocally states:

“The powers of the government of this state are divided into three distinct departments, the legislative, executive and judicial; and no person or collection of persons charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of these departments shall exercise any powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as in this constitution expressly directed or permitted.”

Again, show us the “expressly directed” authority granting a consolidation of these three distinct departments into the hand of Mr. Bedke, Poobah or no.  We eagerly await (but won’t hold our breath) Mr. Bedke’s deliverance of supporting evidence to his claim that the State Speakership is vested with plenipotentiary powers.

That Mr. Bedke presumes he has them is evidence enough, we say, of his res gestae.  While he’s at it, perhaps Mr. Bedke should bone up on criminal code.  In any case, Bedke must be removed as Speaker.  It is patently clear the would-be satrap Mr. Bedke has abused his office…and his place.

Indeed, the entire principle of legislative governance (being based upon the concept of unalienable rights) has been grossly abused by the Grand Poobah of Oakley.

We remind the gentleman that Article III of the Idaho Constitution is quite specific in Section 1.  “The people reserve to themselves the power to propose laws.”  Mr. Bedke has clearly aborted this reserved power, denied it life–at least to the people in District 1.  By his capricious removal of their participation at committee through his attempt to humiliate Ms. Scott, Mr. Bedke now sits upon his…throne…and is denying the right of the People in District 1.

The scope of Mr. Bedke’s abuse is staggering.  It should be frightening to all republicans (little “r”) statewide.  Mr. Bedke epitomizes exactly what is wrong with an unaccountable one-party (for all intents and purposes) legislature.  Soon, they always seem to metastasize into jack-booted autocrats denying rights as they goosestep up the Capitol steps.

Mr. Bedke is shamefully attempting to legalize his unauthorized acts.  His pompous decree to deny representation to the people of District 1 must not be allowed to stand.  Single handedly, Speaker Bedke has alienated rights, has cleft them, severed them, indeed butchered them, from those who rightfully possess said rights.  He has burned them.  A bonfire of Kristallnacht proportions, a pyre upon which Liberty is consumed to ash.

Unless the Idaho Republican Party wants to be further identified (correctly so) as moving deeper into the pit of such evident fascism, it must rebuke and remove Bedke.  The direction in which he is strutting does not lead to liberty, that much is certain.

Russell’s Spokesman Review article is here:

Godspeed Liberty…before the Bedke’s of this world surely take it from you.


3 Responses To This Post

  1. cpvicechair Says:

    Email comments [Sun 1/22/2017 5:00 PM] pertinent to the article from Mr. Ray Writz:.

    To Heather Scott,

    I would like to say to you about this problem that Scott Bedke decided to have with you about what you had said…I understand why the Republican leadership can act like dictators, when they can’t control you.

    When they have their own good ole boys get in trouble at stealing things, or destroying their own marriages, they try to cover it up as if nothing had ever happened.

    What you have done is to force them to work hard at explaining why they operate in a unconstitutional way. This is why Jesus Christ called the Leaders and Pharisees on the carpet; for they would pervert Justice for their own ends and deny the people true Justice.

    Ray J Writz,
    Treasurer – CP Idaho

  2. cpvicechair Says:

    Editor’s Note: Some readers may not be familiar with the record of Idaho Republican debauchery to which Mr. Writz alluded.

    “Stolen things” doubtlessly is a reference to former Idaho Senate leader McGee…who went on a bender, took a pickup and an attached RV trailer (neither of which belonged to him), and ended up in the front yard of a south Idaho citizen where he was awoken by police.

    The Idaho Republicans more or less ignored the affair, permitted McGee to stay on until the gentleman Senator attempted to indulge in a randy matter with an intern. Coming on the heels of the Clinton pornographic presidency (and subsequent “foundation”) and coming on the heels of the cell phone photos from Democrat Anthony Weiner of Virginia, the intern matter finally forced the Idaho Republicans’ hand.

    Presumably, and for clarification, it is this kind of behavior (cover ups) to which Mr. Writz refers.

  3. JustSayin' Says:

    All of this drama is a DIRECT result of poor, weak leadership on the part of Speaker Bedke. He is DIRECTLY responsible for this pathetic situation due to his REFUSAL to investigate the possible misbehavior between Rep. Christy Perry and Senator Jim Guthrie.

    Listening to Bedke and the local radio/media telling the story, you would think the whole situation begins and ends with just Rep. Heather Scott begin a “troublemaker.” People need to truly look at what’s happening here and ask some serious questions.

    Perry and Guthrie’s torrid love affair is just the beginning of this issue. There’s so much more to it, but in order to figure out how deep this scandal goes, Speaker Bedke has to INVESTIGATE, which he refuses to do. Sounds like Perry is a favorite of Bedke’s, which would explain why he won’t investigate her, but instead PROMOTED HER, not knowing if any further misbehavior occurred.

    Who in the world thinks this is acceptable?! How can any of the decent Representatives of this state not give a damn about this issue?! I am totally embarrassed by Bedke’s sanctimonious behavior. This isn’t just about an affair. This is about much, much more. Bedke, if you want this whole issue to go away, then DO THE RIGHT THING!!!