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Greens: losing credibility

December 7th, 2016
Greens:  losing credibility

We mentioned in a previous post that Dr. Jill Stein was potentially the most powerful female politician in America.  We would even reiterate that compliment as late as the end of Election Day, 2016.

Stein pulled in nearly 1.5 million votes (over 1% of the popular ballot).  Under Stein in 2016, the Green Party capitalized on voter dissatisfaction.  They grew their  ballot by 1 million votes above their 2012 result.

That’s a very good showing for an alternative party.  Very good indeed.  Especially when compared to the national Constitution Party, which puffs up that it almost returned to the total it took back in 2008…0.15%.  The zero is significant.

Regardless, CP-Idaho is of the opinion that Dr. Stein has greatly damaged her credibility by pursuing a single sided recount.  It could not be more partisan.  And it could not be more obvious.

Fairness would dictate, assuming Dr. Stein’s words can be held to account, that in closely decided states, she should also be interested in recounting those states where the Democrat won by slim margins.  For example, Nevada–only 27,202 votes separate Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Trump; or even more importantly New Hampshire–where Mrs. Clinton is separated over Mr. Trump by only a miniscule 2,736 votes.

That “interest” in other close call states is entirely lacking from the Green Party’s partisan port-side list, only exposes them.  To a certain extent, Mr. Trump is correct.  It is a scam.  It’s clearly not objective.  Were this the 2020 redistricting, the Greens would be screaming gerrymandering.  It is.  And it is they doing it.

We are realists.  We realize that the Greens are using this “recount “to fill their coffers.  But surely, the Greens must also know their gambit is becoming more and more transparent…and publicly indecent.

The real nature of the Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, is publicly exposed.  She is, after all is said and done, obviously no more than just another politician selling an angle under some pretense.

Her one-sided recount certainly smacks of serving as the proxy, the play thing, of Mrs. Clinton.

In such a confederacy, it certainly calls into question the “independence” of both of those leftist parties–Democrat and Green.  The recount is certainly bigoted,  considering Dr. Stein’s “curiosity” about general ballots does not extend to the close call states that went Democrat.

Our compliments to Dr. Stein extend only to the close of polls, November 8th.  Those polls have certainly closed.  It is over.  And the longer Dr. Stein serves as the play thing of Mrs. Clinton, pole dancing, the more grotesque and indecent the disgraceful Clinton Saga becomes…we are now at a new chapter penned by the Marquise De Sade.

We urge Dr. Stein to recover whatever shreds remain of her former dignity.  Seldom do Faustian bargains work out well.  Despite what they say in the heat of the deal, they never respect you in the morning after they are done with you.  That’s not love you’re selling.





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