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From CP-Idaho’s facebook page

December 28th, 2017
From CP-Idaho’s facebook page

Credit where credit is due…the Trump Administration has slowly and surely reduced the shoring under any potential conservative third party opposition candidacy (such as the so called “constitutionists” of the national CP) for 2020. If the President continues with the course he is on, little reason to vote for an alternative will exist three years hence.

The “first year” list of Trump’s accomplishments is actually fairly lengthy. His most significant pick axe work reducing any momentum of a potential bid by disaffected “constitutionists” and narrow fundamentalists includes:

(1) appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (widely viewed as a superb choice–and probably the first of two more);
(2) appointment of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as UN ambassador (where a battle to restore American sovereignty and reign in America’s foreign largess continues; for example, in the Jerusalem recognition which pleases many evangelicals);
(3) large scale federal tax overhaul (which tax-critic Grover Norquist said will reconfigure the high-tax so-called blue states that have depended on the rest of the United States to pick up their tab indirectly through deduction benefits that cover California’s or New York’s pretzel-twisted leftist social schemes).

Obviously, this list is not all-inclusive. But, CP-Idaho will say again as loudly as we can:

If the national CP has any hope whatsoever that it will compete in 2020 with its own national candidate, that candidate must be steeped in actual well-crafted targeted legislative measures; that candidate must be expert in domestic issues and must generate gravitas in international affairs. In short, that candidate must provide POSITIVE vision for realistic national governance.

Staid, out-of-date, boorishness by candidates who cannot speak in public without putting the entire audience into a numbed unconscious coma will not work…not in 2020 after Mr. Trump’s first-term renovation work.

A hoe-dad attired simpleton in a poor fitting blazer with a badly tied necktie below a mouth full of uneducated and incoherent words will not make it either. Any such national CP candidate will have his or her legs cut from under them.

That national candidate must be able to command interest, and connect sentences into a cogent paragraph. Primeval chest thumping and monosyllable grunts about a Constitution that that candidate clearly is deficient in understanding…ain’t gonna make it. That has too often been the sole repertoire of the national CP…it has become a standing joke in most political circles. Tarzan is so passe.

In 2020, the sum value of the national CP candidate cannot only be “anti-everything” and “offer nothing” in substitute. That is akin to a surgeon trying to use a broad axe. A broad axe is good–for splitting wood. But for a heart bypass…not so much.

That national CP candidate must have precise solutions and be able to articulate them. And the national CP itself…it must develop an experienced cadre–not in an exclusive and reclusive back room clique, but in battalion-sized numbers. It must have the organic skill set within its ranks to summon answers on an entire range of national federal subject matter. Without reserves, without a bench, without answers…you got nothing.

If national CP cannot do that, then it would be better to stay on the porch in 2020 and avoid certain embarrassment. As we all move to New Years (and the midterm 2018), truly “Auld lang syne” is the operational phrase.

Anyone’s who’s worked an orchard knows: now’s the time to cut the dead wood. Put your broad axe to work on that. Spare the heart for more appropriate scalpel work. Cheers.

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