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Excerpt from CP-Idaho’s facebook page

January 20th, 2018
Constitution Party of Idaho

The victorious Alabama US Senate Democrat Doug Jones has just put the lie to one of the many libelous claims made by the most rabid Roy Moore henchmen (including the national CP executive committee, which declared its full-throated political and financial support under the Constitution Party’s banner).

Alabama Democrat Senator Jones just voted last night with the Republicans to pass the continuing resolution and temporarily fund (rather than shutdown) the federal government.

Thus, claims that Jones would be a Pelosi minion or a far left liberal Democrat have demonstrably been disproved.

National CP executive needs to put its actions where its mouth is…especially since Mr. Welch’s justifications for the inexplicable financial support of a Republican candidate were predicated upon an assurance that the national CP executive “would be the first to admit” any errors in their highly questionable support of the defective and caustic Roy Moore.

Their accusations against the Democrat Jones (which they then used to justify their support of Moore) were simply wrong. But, CP-Idaho won’t hold its breath awaiting that apology. Self righteousness (in one’s own eyes) has a certain panache to it, being formed upon the certainty that you never have to admit error. If national CP is anything, it is definitely self righteous.

The reality is that last night Alabama Democrat Senator Doug Jones voted far more Republican than did: (1) Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah, (2) Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, (3) golden boy Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, or (4) Republican Senator Jeff “the” Flake of Arizona. So, who’s conservative and who’s liberal?

National CP executive committee was flat out wrong about its smear of Doug Jones. By extension, they were also flat out wrong about Roy Moore; and flat out wrong to dismiss ALL accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore as “lies”. That “decision” belies objectivity.

If those accusations were indeed what the rabid Moore supporters claimed them to be–i.e. all lies–they certainly could have been immediately adjudicated in the Alabama Courts.

But the reality is the contrary. It is one of Moore’s accusers who has taken her case to court. She is suing Moore for libel…for calling her a liar. Such a lawsuit typically is not brought to court without evidence. Further, that Moore has himself not entered any suit to protect his so-called reputation…leads to the obvious question. What’s Judge Moore afraid of? Is it fear of having to take the stand under oath and cross examination?

If anything, Alabama dodged a bullet (or an artillery round).

Given that Roy Moore is an unadulterated opportunist, his vote would be so unstable and unpredictable that it could have been just as likely cast to the camp of Senator Chuckie Shumer, the bent leftist Democrat from New Yak. And Roy Moore is an opportunist, if he is anything at all.

In such a scenario, the national CP communications guy “Lucy” Welch would doubtless be left with “splain’in” Moore’s vote on top of what is already a mountain of improprieties involved with the Constitution Party sending its monies and its website site support for a Republican fire breathing wanna be cowboy who seems indifferent to collateral damage. The very epitome of a kind and compassionate Christian. Not.


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