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July 24th, 2013

Just off today’s wires—24 July 2013

As Mr. Obama attempts to get some sort of traction out of the bog of corruption his Administration is mired in, we hear he is throwing sand… again at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. Says the President: Repealing Obamacare and cutting spending is not an economic plan. It’s not.”

Well, even if we spot him his dubious claim of a sacrosanct Obamacare, we CANNOT give him his take on “cutting spending”. And the reason we cannot do so is because we know that Mr. Obama is acting in defiance of the instructions of his more worthy predecessor, Mr. Thomas Jefferson.

Said Mr. Jefferson, then Vice President in 1799, “Reduce every department to economy, and there will be no temptation to them to betray their constituents.” Mr. Jefferson called for “substituting economy for taxation.” I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple,” said Jefferson.

We cannot wait for Mr. Obama’s connivances of factual history to justify his own profligate, and if truth be told promiscuous, federal expenditures.   Mr. Obama willfully ignores the single one thing that was an anathema to his predecessor, Mr. Jefferson. Our current public debt is beyond our energy to pay it.  It now exceeds our annual Gross Domestic Product, and worse…debt is expanding at a precipitous rate with no end in sight.

Thomas Jefferson called for the “emancipation of our prosperity from the moral canker” of public debt.  Public debt, he believed, was “the greatest of the dangers to be feared” economically.

No, Mr. Obama. We cannot agree with you. Mr. Jefferson had it correct. “Cutting spending” is indeed an economic plan for government, and it ought to be pursued. Profligate spending and rapacious debt…which apparently is de rigueur for the two big-box parties…not so much. Given the conscious and constant referrals Mr. Obama has made to the evils of slavery, whenever and wherever he might personally benefit by his sermonizing on the subject…one should expect he above all others would understand the imperative need to emancipate our future generations of Americans from public debt’s odious burden. But sadly, Mr. Obama  is indifferent to the enslavement, as he kicks about in his sand box of demagoguery.

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