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Doubts about the Democrat hand

January 19th, 2018
Doubts about the Democrat hand

The specter of government “shutdown” haunts the halls of Congress today. The Democrats, primarily in the Senate chamber, are calculating that they have the media “Fourth Estate” in the bag.

Democrats, the calculation goes, may do and say what they please without risk of accountability by the foaming mouthed partisan press corps. They can count, these Democrats, upon the vicious snarling media attacks upon Republicans and in particular attacks upon President Trump.

While the media’s cult-like constancy in favoring Democrat propaganda is reflexive by this point in 2018, after decades of evident bias, it seems that some cheatgrass seeds have found their way under the collar of the Democrats’ pet pit bull press.  Cheatgrass can be dangerous to dogs, by piercing its way into the animal’s heart.


Just out (January 15, 2018) from Gallup is a poll indicating a sharp upward  trend among Republicans in satisfaction with the direction of the U.S. And, while the Independent approval rating registers more or less within the “data channel,” an uptick has occurred there as well.  Both the Independent and Republican satisfaction are moving up in tandem since October 2017.  The crucial Independent satisfaction has now climbed into the upper range of the polling data over the past decade.

In other words, Republican esprit de corps is not nearly so shredded as the Democrats and their press dogs pretend. Pause before accepting wholesale Democrat claims that they orchestrated a “rout” of Republicans is warranted, if one examines recent Gallup polls on Americans’ trust in media.


We would note that Gallup’s author (Art Swift) on a September 2017 poll interjected a hefty dose of his own bias in the accompanying text of a “rebound” in public trust of the media, a rebound off the record low set in 2016.  Swift attempts to frame the poll result: “It is also possible that the low point for public trust in the media in 2016 was an anomaly because of the contentious presidential election.”

An anomaly? The result of a “contentious presidential election”?  Please.  That interjection of photoshopped so-called analysis is precisely why the public has lost trust in the media.  Here is the reality:  Americans continue to view the “Fourth Estate” as dishonest.

That can easily be shown by simply taking the Gallup numbers and slapping a regression line over them and extending the estimate out two years.


Despite Swift’s effort to shade the article, actually the “rebound” of trust in 2017 itself is somewhat “anomalous” given that the regression estimates 2017 “should” be 37—four points lower than the 2017 result.  An anomaly?  Perhaps; but which way?

In any case, the negative trend in public trust of the media continues. Extending the estimate to 2019, a crucial year in the upcoming early presidential campaign, Americans’ trust of the media is projected to be in the vicinity of 35.  To put this “rebound” in perspective (even though the Gallup data is discontinuous), Americans’ trust of media in 1972, 1974 and 1976 was—68, 69 and 72 respectively.  Literally, that would be off the chart today.

This brings us back to the calculation by Democrats who seek to shutdown government today and try to blame it on Republicans. Democrats may overplay their hand.  The data does not indicate the Democrats are holding a royal flush by any stretch…as our final chart shows.


Gallup asked “How well is media doing its job?”  Predictably (reflexively) half of all Democrats said “Very Well/Well”…after all, they do own the media dogs.   But a crucial component in this calculation is the Independent opinion.  And that is especially true when combined with the “super-majority” Republican distrustfulness of the press.

House Republicans isolated and contained any “blame” for the pending “government shutdown” upon the Senate chamber, by passing the continuing resolution to fund in the House.  Senate Democrat calculations that they will be able to pin blame on Republicans for the shutdown (that Democrats in the Senate themselves have worked so hard to achieve) may not be the high hand the Democrats think they have…given that Joker wildcard of collapsing American trust in the media.

One Response To This Post

  1. Floyd Whitley Says:

    So, as it turned out, the Democrats really didn’t have a hand worth betting. Their Saturday and Sunday bluff was called and raised a Monday (and only a partial Monday at that).

    Had the Democrats staked anything more on their losing hand than their measly ante of 69 hours of government “shut down” time, it is quite possible the Democrats would have lost their suits, their shirts…and their shorts.

    To his credit, Monsignor Chuck Schumer (grand protonotary of the Greenwich Village Left) folded, rather than listen to the screeching and potentially catastrophic wager being called for by the Marin County marvel, Nancy Pelosi.

    Everyone, including the press, knows Mrs. Pelosi traded sanity for delusion many years ago. Her grasping all-consuming desire to regain the gavel as Speaker of the House has driven Mrs. Pelosi completely batty. Her belfry is so clotted with Chiroptera, there’s not enough oxygen, to say nothing of a functional bell.

    The net result of their hokey pokey shutdown gamble will now likely result in the House Democrats entering an open revolt against Mrs. Pelosi’s so-called leadership. They will demand the removal of her batty legions of leathery wings, a delicate aroma which not even botox can mask. Something must be done, if only to allow the steeple bell to ring.

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