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CP-Idaho statewide–set records

November 10th, 2016
CP-Idaho statewide–set records

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our 2016 class of candidates.  Well done, Candidates!

We had record breaking vote returns this election.  We also had record breaking CP-Idaho voter registrations.  Entering the 2016 election as of November 1st, CP-Idaho registered voters stood at 2,626–the largest total on record.

We anticipate a larger registered total due to the at-the-polls registration on Election Day.  And we hope we can report these totals beginning next month, and at New Year’s, January 2017.  (It takes not a little time for the county clerks and Secretary of State to compile these data.)

The unofficial 2016 ballot results for our CP-Idaho candidates, as reported by the Idaho Secretary of State today, gives the statewide candidate totals as:



In votes received in 2016, Mr. Writz achieved the largest CP-Idaho vote total ever recorded for a Constitution Party 0f Idaho candidate for any office.  Mr. Writz’s U.S. Senate race was only the second time that a CP-Idaho candidate has competed for that office.

The first CP-Idaho run for US Senate was in 2010 by Mr. Randy Bergquist, who received 17,429 votes.  That certainly puts Mr. Writz’s achievement in perspective.  As Ms. Betsey Russell indicated yesterday in her column for the Spokesman Review, 2016 was the lowest margin that the  incumbent US Senator (Crapo) has gotten in two decades in his career-politician occupation.

We understand that Mr. Crapo will now represent his real constituents…bankers…as he moves up the career-politician ladder to the chair the Senate Banking Committee.  We’re certain that the folks in White Bird or Malad City or Stanley will have their voices heard and their concerns considered, to be sure.  Or…not.

Mr. Tomkins also produced a strong return, being a young candidate.  His vote total taking on one of the other ensconced Idaho Republicans, U.S. Representative Simpson, is the second largest vote total in CP-Idaho history.  Mr. Tomkins plans to organize some third party development meetings and workshops for CP-Idaho beginning early next year.

CP-Idaho’s candidates for the Idaho Legislature–Dan Weston, Kirstin Richardson and Ammon Prolife–also turned in strong ballot totals at, 21.1%, 23.2% and 12.7%, respectively.

In terms of the largest CP-Idaho candidate percentage of ballot share, Mr. Robert Muse, running for Canyon County Sheriff, takes the prize for 2016. Mr. Muse also achieved the third highest vote total of our Class of 2016.

We believe that these results should encourage our fellow Idahoans to get involved and compete.  We are, after all, a citizen led government.  Citizens  therefore must lead.  ‘

We also must contribute.  Consider this:  If every registered CP-Idaho voter contributed $5 to the state party general fund, that would provide over $12,500  of operational monies for the CP-Idaho affiliate.  This in turn would help fund workshops, hold classes on the Constitution, attend county fairs and upgrade our website and literature.

Our 2016 candidates have shown the way.  It’s up to all of us to continue.  Please participate!

Readers may contribute online via our piryx portal.  Or by mail to:  Ray Writz, Treasurer, CP-Idaho, PO Box 186, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

piryx1CP-Idaho Literature Fund is used for printing and publishing public outreach material such as palm cards, rack cards, brochures, event programs, Constitution courses, postage, newsprint and fair booths intended for direct voter education by the Constitution Party of Idaho



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