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Cash Awards Available for CP-Idaho Candidates

October 23rd, 2017


Your state party is setting up a competitive program to fund the best CP-Idaho citizen candidates in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

We are still working on the details, but in general, we plan to issue several $100 awards to qualifying statewide candidates (Legislature, Executive, etc.) and several $50 awards to qualifying county candidates (Commissioner, Clerk, etc.).

These awards will be competitive, based on certain performance criteria and demonstrated skills as determined by the candidate’s application for the funds.

We are especially excited that two fellow state chairmen (Mr. Joy of CP-Ohio and Mr. Copeland of CP-Texas) have agreed to review and grade the candidate applications.  This will permit an objective review of the candidate skills which CP-Idaho seeks to foster in our citizen candidates.

The 2018 midterm award program is a test run, and it may well become the model nationally for the Constitution Party to support our citizen standard bearers and to improve our candidate deliveries.

We anticipate accepting candidate applications for the CP-Idaho Campaign Award Program during the first calendar quarter 2018, concurrent with the candidate declaration window [February 26th to March 9th 2018].

For consideration, candidate applicants must be affiliated with CP-Idaho, and must be duly declared and reporting to county, state or federal elections officers, respective to the office being sought.

Successful candidate applicants will have these funds made available to their campaigns by mid-May 2018 (following the State Primaries), at the official beginning of the 2018 midterm races.

Your state affiliate has heard the appeals of past CP-Idaho candidates for funding support.  We are responding with this program, from our constrained financial resources, to support the best of our candidates as we can.

Our Treasurer, Mr. Ray Writz, will be the authority on dispersing the funds.  We request that contact be made with him in writing via the U.S. Mail.  Please address questions to:  Mr. Ray Writz, Treasurer, at the state party’s mailing address listed on the Wanted Poster!

PS.  CP-Idaho can increase the award program, if citizens will step up and contribute.  Please use the “Donate Now!” button.




2 Responses To This Post

  1. Gerald Jennings II Says:

    If CP Idaho wants to support me for POTUS in the upcoming elections then I will accept your support and award.
    Have a good day!

  2. cpvicechair Says:

    Hello, Mr. Jennings. The award program pertains to the 2018 midterm elections next year, and are intended for support of state and county candidates–in other words for State Senate or State Representative, Idaho Governor or Idaho Attorney General, County Commissioner, County Sheriff and so forth.

    One reason is to encourage citizens to get involved and to compete for elective office. The other is procedural…if CP-Idaho is to be around in the 2020 election, we have to maintain ballot access in Idaho. We do that by fielding a certain number of candidates for state office.

    In any case, the Campaign Support Awards are committed to candidates for state offices in Idaho for the upcoming midterm. Kind regards, Floyd Whitley, Acting Chairman, CP-Idaho