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Biden’s baloney about “America First”

February 1st, 2018
Biden’s baloney about “America First”

Looks like a routine recidivism politician problem to us.

Can’t help but note that former Vice President Joe Biden is sniffing around again, looking for an unlocked window jam, or maybe a kitchen door unlatched.

Little wonder.  Now that Broom Hilda is more or less out of the frame, Joe’s  prowling around the talking heads looking for somebody, anybody, to take him seriously.

According to Newsmax, Joey says Americans “are not satisfied with the state of affairs on Capitol Hill and are gearing up to make changes.”

Yeah?  Maybe Joe is finally acknowledging that many Americans saw the sophomoric Democrats’ act at the State of the Union the other night…and were far less than impressed with the recalcitrant and inconsolable tantrum.  Vote Democrat and you’ll never get out of the third grade…even if you’re an octogenarian and have been in Congress for decades.

“They’re not going to have any of it,” say Joey.  Indeed.  Fewer people are.

So, to purloin some media mention, where better to go slinking about than around former Sen. George Mitchell’s leftist digs in Maine?  There may well be honor among thieves, but we’ve yet to see much of it in a politician.

For example, we don’t get Joey Biden breaking bad on President Donald Trump’s “America First notion.” Seriously, we’ve got questions about Biden’s scholastic achievement record.  No way does he get a pass out of third grade.

Does he not know that it was Democrat President Woodrow Wilson who coined that phrase–America First?  Wilson used it for sloganeering a hundred years before Trump ever got near the White House Oval Office.

So what’s Joey on these days?  Should we call his guardians and do a welfare check?

One Response To This Post

  1. cpvicechair Says:

    Sean Penn, that infamous “pollster” of spin for former President Clinton, penned a startling opinion piece in The Hill. An epiphany piece, this is a must read:

    The Democrat party under Kaiser Pelosi is now in a Pless Castle sort of moment (i.e. January 9, 1918). They are declaring an “all in” wager on unrestricted character assassination (against Nunes, Ryan, Trump and anyone else who may have belligerent opinions against the Democrat Junkers). The Kaiser knows they are losing the war of attrition.

    And knowing full well that her decision will bring on a “war” declaration by the American public against the Democrats, November 2018 will very likely be as devastating to Kaiser Nancy and Field Marshal Chuckie Schumer as November 1918 was to Kaiser Willie.

    The die have been cast, nevertheless. So at this point, there is no turning back. The trenches of political spin, the mud of smear campaigns and the agonizing no man’s land of vehement partisanship must be breached, broken and cleaned up.

    The Imperialist Democrat deep state and its indiscriminate “Borking” assaults must be defeated. It is either that, or the wholesale subjugation of America’s right to speak. And make no mistake, Kaiser Pelosi’s Antifa do indeed intend to take away that right. They are a Pol Pot regime, complete with indoctrination “reeducation” centers. The Killing Fields of Liberty.

    Much like Admiral von Holtzendorff and General Ludendorff did at their fateful Pless Castle conference 101 years ago, Kaiser Pelosi dismisses the American public…and all arguments contradicting the theory that the Imperial Democrats will conquer. “We can handle that'” as Field Marshall von Hindenburg infamously said at Pless.

    The Imperial Germans grossly miscalculated the impact of American Doughboys in France. And we believe that the “Marin Madam” Kaiser Nancy is making an equally poor wager today.

    President Trump has continued to keep Democrats off balance by his Twitter prodding. He has driven them almost to the point of madness, as Kaiser Nancy’s over-the-top tweets about Representative Nunes indicate. Given the American public can dial up an overnight 10 point jump in approval after Mr. Trump’s State of the Union, Kaiser Nancy’s gamble now has the end game potential (if not likelihood) of an unconditional capitulation along the entire Imperial Democrat front.

    The Kaiser is cornered and desperate. That is obvious. She is now fighting rolling and increasing protests in her own party ranks. In such a position, terrible “last resort” decisions are often made. She is making them.

    Kaiser Nancy cannot keep the Democrat decay a secret from the public much longer. Kaiser Pelosi is gambling that she can still stop the swamp from being drained, and thereby retain the title of Congressional Empress…if she only can have five more months of unrestricted torpedoing assassinations of character in the press.

    Like the fanatic gamble at Pless Castle a century ago, the decision for unrestricted warfare has a very poor risk-reward ratio. Those who may have been neutral before will finally stand against these spiteful assaults. We have few doubts that it will be middle America public who will prevail in this contest. Truth will convoy to its home ports, despite the subversive Kaiser Nancy’s “deep state” U-Boats.

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