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Another way of putting it

July 21st, 2013

That interest on the Federal debt?  The current plan is to hold it at 6% for the duration of Mr. Obama’s tenure.  After that it will very quickly ratchet up.  By FY2018, interest payments on the debt will consume some 10% of the entire federal budget.  And from there, given the expanding debt levels (anticipated to be $22 trillion by FY2018), interest will consume ever larger chunks of the federal budget.

The remedy it seems to us, is to follow the advice of Thomas Jefferson.  We must end the addiction of federal debt.  To do that, we must put into Congress citizens with principles, principles of the sort which cannot be bought or sold.  We suggest that principles cannot be found at any level within the current two party duopoly.  The only alternative is a principled citizen-led constitutional political organization…the Constitution Party.

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