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An oompha band ain’t fine art…

August 18th, 2017
The term limits band wagon is once again the focus of breathless conjecture. “Surely this year!” they say.
That wagon has been a regular component of the American political parade for several generations.
The sounds emanating out of its oompha band parked on the hay bales do not improve with age. They may be tolerated by the parade goers because they evoke nostalgia, but they remain just as out of key and off tempo as when they first floated the thing.
In any case, to do it–to effect term limits–will require more than mere legislation. It requires amendment. And there’s the rub.
And even there, if ratified, it would buck up against other constitutional guarantees to the point of a disturbing cacophony of discordant case law.
An oompha band is not fine art. It generally lacks the talent…and the scores are typically unrefined. Nor are term limits wise government because they would encroach upon unalienable rights of the people regarding representation. What if the people actually DO want their Representative or Senator serving them?
Hot dogs are generally known to be a great deal less than health food. But a hot dog stand can generally be found somewhere along every parade route, and they always seem to have plenty of customers.
Hot dogs are part of the parade deal.
Term limits are a derivative ordinance…aimed at symptom if you will but not the disease. To cure the problem is not to levy more derivatives, but rather to encourage greater voter involvement…in making healthier lifestyle choices.   

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