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An appeal to CP-Idaho’s Caldwell citizens

January 4th, 2018
An appeal to CP-Idaho’s Caldwell citizens

The Constitution Party of Idaho appeals to our registered voters to stand forward this year in the 2018 midterm elections. And we especially appeal to our voters in Legislative District 10 [Caldwell].

Given the questionable actions of two recent Idaho Legislators elected from Caldwell—namely former State Representative Brandon Hixon and former State Senator John McGee—it is clear that the political culture has little changed.

Nor will it change until citizens act to change it. It is a basic law of physics. Stuff in motion will continue in motion and direction until something acts upon it to halt it or redirect it.

It is also true that the People get the government they deserve. Complicity and complacency never yield positive governmental models. No one keeps his or her rights by sleeping upon them. These rights must be actively exercised and jealously guarded.

Without question, 2018 will be incredibly important for the future of Idaho. This is true for a variety of reasons which we will not here belabor—with one exception. The 2018 midterm election will set the starting point for the 2020 redistricting (the infamous gerrymandering) of Idaho. The political future, it is often said, is won or lost in redistricting. This reoccurs every ten years under the theory of rebalancing representation to match the population demographics. This was as the Constitution designed it. One citizen, one vote. If only that were true in fact.

In truth, the independent (or unaffiliated) block of Idaho’s electorate (and not to mention its two ballot qualified third parties—the Libertarians and CP-Idaho) is disfranchised entirely by the redistricting process in place. CP-Idaho has long maintained that legislative districting in Idaho is decoupled from equitable representation, if not also divorced from logic itself.

Invariably, the procedure now always devolves into protracted lawsuits which in turn jeopardize the elections calendar. It is a fool’s errand to continue to tempt fate with such brinkmanship…especially when the results rarely demonstrate fair representation.

The 2014 CP-Idaho State Convention at Cascade put forward one solution. [See:] A better solution is to elect CP-Idaho citizens in an opposition party block within the Legislature and through that block begin to initiate necessary reforms and oversight.

Redistricting is not a moot point; it is crucial to ensure honest representation. This leads us back to the examples of Mr. Hixon and Mr. McGee—who have been something like salt in the wound. Not only does “the two-party (i.e. duopoly) system” fail to adequately represent citizen interests, it is the behavior of these duopoly politicians that fails to reflect the values of their constituents, as in the case of Caldwell’s District 10.

We are constantly questioned whether “we” have the power to do anything about that. Emphatically, CP-Idaho comes down on the side of yes…if, that is, determined citizens participate in exercising their rights by action.

2018_Caldwell Precinct chart

Legislative District 10 has 84 registered CP-Idaho voters. Small in number, yes. But several Caldwell precincts have more than sufficient numbers to serve as the core for a strong CP-Idaho campaign to contest the District 10 seats in 2018—to shake up the status quo. There is power in the People. It is in believing that that is so where the true test of faith abides.

2018_Caldwell Precinct map

An attribute of higher order species is organized cooperation. True for honey bees, whales, wolf packs and…true for human society from the single family nucleus to cities and states comprised of many families and individuals. Organized effort is a primeval survival mechanism. After all, this is how corporations and limited liability companies thrive. It is what makes fraternal organizations and even church denominations, literary clubs and a host of other such constructions function. And this is true, in spades, for a political movement.

In any case, an opportunity exists in 2018 especially in Legislative District 10 to move the ideal that to be fully and well represented, the People of Idaho must have viable and strong alternative parties looking out for the electorate’s business…and values.  To protect–and project–those values, we implore CP-Idaho citizens to contact us at PO Box 186, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

One Response To This Post

  1. Floyd Whitley Says:

    To give citizens who may be interested in seeking elective office an idea of what the state party brings to the table, we do have certain data which can help campaigns plan more efficiently. This data was employed, for example, in the Writz U.S. Senate campaign..which in turn broke recent modern records (dating to the Progressive Era in the early 1900s) of ballot percent taken for a third party U.S. Senate campaign in Idaho.

    Of the 84 CP-Idaho affiliated voters mentioned residing in District 10, we know that 72.6% of them actually voted in the 2016 general election…and we know who did not. In any case, Caldwell CP-Idaho voters are fairly responsive–or at least most do bother to vote.

    We can construct, from voter histories, a “likely voter” table…by precinct, by district or county and even statewide (if time is allowed for a statewide “most likely” build out.) This helps route campaigns into the precincts with the greatest likelihood of ballot support. The most likely voters will also be the more likely to be recruited in support of a CP-Idaho campaign. Point being: the state party does have assets to bring to the table…and a good bit of hard-learned wisdom.

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