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2017 Idaho Voter Purge

April 16th, 2017

To keep the CP-Idaho statewide voter registrations report current (our contribution toward the concept called  transparency), the 2017 voter list purge by the Secretary of State has now more or less stabilized.

Under Idaho Code, at the beginning of each odd-year, state voter lists are purged of non-voters–defined as voters who have not voted in the previous four years.  The state mandated purge helps ensure that “dead people” don’t vote, so to speak.  It also removes those no longer residing in Idaho.

But also it removes those who, for whatever reason, have been inactive for the previous four years–which is to say, basically, those who did not vote in either of the previous two presidential general elections.  So much for the cliché about this being the most important election ever.

Keep in mind, the respective parties (including independent voters) have no input on this voter list purge…beyond the act of each voter physically voting.  The Idaho Secretary of State will purge inactive voters.

For the life of us, CP-Idaho cannot understand why fellow citizens do not fully participate.  The common excuse is–“I don’t have a voice.”  Maybe so, but for absolute certainty, if that citizen does not vote at all, they have zero say.  It’s akin to shooting oneself in the foot.

Statewide Idaho voter lists were reduced by 72,349 voters in 2017; a reduction of 8.32%.

In terms of percent purged, Republicans sustained the least losses in 2017, at a 4.62% reduction (19,300 voters).  This was an improvement over their voter purge losses in the previous odd-year purge in 2015.

Democrats also improved over their 2015 results, coming in second to the Republicans (in percent) with a voter list reduction of 6,925, or a 7.3% decline.

CP-Idaho sustained a total loss of 257, or 8.13%, which was a substantially greater reduction than in 2015.  That said, CP-Idaho voter list reductions were slightly less than the average statewide total loss (8.13% versus 8.32%, respectively).  CP-Idaho placed third in among the state ballot qualified parties.

These voter list purges ebb and flow.  For example, in 2015, the best performing ballot qualified party in Idaho (i.e. fewest purged in percent from their year ending registered voter totals) was the Libertarian Party.  This year, with a purged loss of 8.55%, Libertarians performed the poorest among the four ballot qualified parties in Idaho.

Hands down, the largest voter reduction in 2017 occurred in the Unaffiliated ranks.  A massive reduction of 45,281 independent voters occurred; some 13.03% of the year end statewide registered total of Unaffiliated was purged.

Put another way, the Unaffiliated purge approached almost twice the total losses in all of the ballot qualified parties in Idaho combined.  This is a significant shift, the impact of which has yet to be felt.  Formerly, Unaffiliated voters were the largest registered voting group in Idaho.  Now, the Republicans have that distinction.

For our part, CP-Idaho fails to understand why a voter would register in an alternative or opposition third-party like CP-Idaho, and then simply not participate at the ballot box.  We understand the Unaffiliated might not vote–their disinterest in political parties is evident when they register.  But that same lack of interest simply cannot be the case when someone registers with a party, particularly a third party, and then does not vote and does not participate.

But, there you have it.  A paradox.  The following table provides the 2017 purge results, January 1st compared to March 1st voter registrationsVoter

Month 2017 CP DEM LIB REP IND State Total
1-Jan 3,161 94,528 6,856 417,722 347,637 869,904
1-Mar 2,904 87,603 6,270 398,422 302,356 797,555
Loss 257 6,925 586 19,300 45,281 72,349
Percent Loss 8.13% 7.33% 8.55% 4.62% 13.03% 8.32%


One Response To This Post

  1. Floyd Whitley Says:

    It should be noted that the April 2017 CP-Idaho voter registrations have once again returned to their pattern of monthly growth. Over the month of March 2017, CP-Idaho gained nine (9) voters. As of 1 April 2017, CP-Idaho has 2,913 registered voters statewide.

    In many respects, this list is a stronger voter base because non-active voters (in the previous two presidential elections) have been removed from state voter lists by the Secretary of State. Thus, those who remain are “most likely voters”…at least until the next odd-year purge in 2019.

    Our task, as a ballot qualified STATE political party, is to provide our registered voters with ample reason to continue to participate at the polls, with attention on the upcoming 2018 mid-terms…but also on the odd-year municipal 2017 elections.

    It is the task of the NATIONAL party to provide Idaho voters with an engaging and articulate presidential candidate, who in turn is therefore capable of encouraging ballot support for our state candidacies. Sadly, that did not happen last year.

    It is clear that the insular, narrow and adversarial 2016 national CP ticket (which unethically declared itself to be “Unaffiliated” in Idaho despite evidence to the contrary), failed to provide anything in the way of incentive or enthusiasm to those 257 CP-Idaho voters who were purged in January 2017 for not voting in the presidential election.

    In affect, the national party is a drag upon our state party. Were that not true, you should expect CP-Idaho state candidates to under perform the foisted 2016 national so-called “Unaffiliated” ticket. Yet the contrary occurred.

    CP-Idaho’s Writz gained 41,677 votes, almost ten times the foisted national ticket. CP-Idaho’s Tomkins gained 25,005 votes, over 5 1/2 times the so-called “Unaffiliated” national ticket. CP-Idaho’s Weston, just in District 20, nearly matched the national party’s presidential “solution”. Kirsten Richardson, running just in District 8 under the CP-Idaho plate, DID best the national CP’s alleged ticket.

    Somebody needs to say something. And it looks like that responsibility again falls upon Mr. Whitley. The direction the national party is going leads to death. When the voice of the voters at large (our CP-Idaho voters) is dismissed as irrelevant by the very national party which claims it represents them, that national party has become dark, lifeless under the suffocating weight of its own hypocrisy.

    In any case, CP-Idaho continues its growth and outreach.