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2016–the woulda, coulda shoulda year

January 16th, 2018
2016–the woulda, coulda shoulda year

An important Executive Order—namely the “Presidential Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals”—signed by President Trump on December 20, 2017 has mostly gone unnoticed by media.

Worse, it has been unnoticed by the national CP whom we dare say remains totally ignorant—which is its typical cataleptic state upon a host of relevant measures.

For our part, CP-Idaho has long called for the national CP to get off its pontificating haunches and actually produce meaningful legislative initiatives. To date, however, the national executive committee remains parked on its backside, satisfied that it is accomplishing something.  Exactly what remains uncertain.

In any case, the December 20, 2017 Executive Order serves as a current reminder. In it, President Trump outlined a plan to reestablish American domestic production of what are absolutely critical Rare Earth Elements (REE).

During the 2016 general election campaign, CP-Idaho was at the forefront on this very subject. In proof, our readers can search back through the video and audio archives.  REE development (especially here in Idaho where an enormous reserve exists) was fully discussed in the Lewiston U.S. Senate Debate—held at Lewis Clark State College immediately prior to the state primary in May 2016.

CP-Idaho had two U.S. Senate candidates vying for the party’s nomination—Mr. Marvin “Pro Life” Richardson of Gem County and Mr. Raymond J. Writz of Kootenai County. Not only was the present status of America’s dependency upon Communist China for these strategic materials (accounting for +90% of American demand) discussed during this Primary Debate, but so was North Korean avoidance of trade sanctions upon REE components of ballistic missiles.  North Korea was (and likely still is) shipping REE over the Chinese border into Chinese front companies, which creates surplus “unaccounted” REE production on the world market over and above China’s official trade report…and the Chinese attribute this excess to illegal “wildcat” miners, allegedly in Mongolia.

This subject of REE strategic materials was also broached at the Boise Presidential Debate—in February 2016 immediately prior to the first and only competitive presidential primary in the history of the national Constitution Party, as the audio tapes of the debate indicate. For example, thorium reactors were discussed in Boise Debate segments which addressed renovation and upgrades of America’s power grid.

Of course, national CP’s entitled and foisted nominee—imposed via the National Convention’s penchant for a proxy ballot process which mimics the Clintonesque Democrat super-delegate technique that always seems to originate in back room machinations—chose not to participate in the Idaho Presidential Primary. That deliberate choice is most revealing.

Yes, CP-Idaho is well aware that copious excuses were half heartedly offered to explain the national CP nominee’s refusal to stand and compete in public debate and an official primary. But none of these excuses or slights of hand merited truthfulness.  Here, it is not CP-Idaho’s place to say whether this refusal to stand and compete in the open was born from a miscreant arrogance or from an  individual’s expectations of entitlement; perhaps it was conceived from something else—a deep fear of being publicly exposed as clueless of important policy initiatives like REE domestic development…something that touches every aspect of our modern economy and national defense.

Again, REE production and development of domestic resources is critical economically and strategically, as President Trump’s December 20, 2017 Executive Order lays out.

Sadly, the national CP has no credible excuse for jettisoning open debate by its would-be presidential candidates.  Tangible and crucial government policy is being hidden from evidence.  By doing so, this avoidance fails to provide anything that might resemble vision, knowledge and solutions management—it is little more than masquerade under a pretense of self righteousness.  That produces nothing, solves nothing and ultimately will ever and anon be rejected by the national electorate as meaningless posing, as mindless drivel spewing forth from a bunch of apoplectic discontents with nothing to offer society beyond a wretched indiscriminate cursing of everyone else.  A metastasized theocracy.

Sadly, national CP took the wrong fork in 2016. Two years ago, REE was being openly debated between three candidates who did have the courage, the honesty and integrity, to stand and compete on an even playing field in what was and is the only certifiable presidential primary in the nation for Constitution Party candidates.  Go figure.

National CP has unwisely ceded issue after issue, domestic policy after policy, leading edge potential after potential.  So much so, the public largely dismisses the national CP as irrelevant, if not grossly unprincipled, a personality cult of fire breathing arsonists…a grand pretense seeking something to burn down, but never build up.  It is semblance over substance.  Illusion, if not delusion.  Sound, fury…ultimately comprised of nothing but endless woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Idaho REE map2016_Lewiston

One Response To This Post

  1. Floyd Whitley Says:

    I remind the national CP (and its state affiliates) that the subject of REE remains current and viable.

    The Executive Order signed by Mr. Trump on December 20, 2017 mandates the Secretary of the Interior to produce a list of critical materials within 60 days of the order…so by the end of February. After which, within 180 days of this list, practically the entire Executive Cabinet is charged with forming REE national policy.

    Input all along the supply chain is being sought. For example, one critical subject involves recycling. Here, if the national CP has any ambition at all (highly doubtful based on the evidence) that it can gain ballot consideration by the Millennial generation, it absolutely must put forward credible environmental policy–and in this particular case, REE recycling which is vital to our national defense.

    National REE policy is therefore active and ongoing. It definitely warrants focus by the national party…but of course that assumes there is a national party (outside of the back room secret junta) that possesses a mental acuity sufficient enough to provide meaningful input on this, and other pertinent governance subjects. That assumption is indeed in doubt…again, based on the evidence.

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