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2016 Idaho Convention Business Items

June 15th, 2016
2016 Idaho Convention Business Items

Our registered CP-Idaho voters should be aware that convention business items need to be addressed.

  1. OVERNIGHT ROOMS:  For those seeking to reserve overnight rooms on Friday July 29th or Saturday July 30th, the Lodge at River’s Edge has a block of rooms on reserve for the Constitution Party of Idaho and our guests.  Those who plan to stay overnight, should contact the hotel directly at: (208) 476-9999.  To ensure a reservation at the time of booking, please mention that you are with the Constitution Party of Idaho.  Otherwise, rooms may not be available.
  2. CONVENTION FEE:  Cost for the Saturday Convention (July 30th, 2016) is $30 if registered in advance.  The $30 cost includes a catered lunch.  This early registration price of $30 will be good until July 9th, 2016, after which the cost must increase to $50 to compensate for delays in food orders and so forth.  Registrations “at the door” will be accepted (July 29th and 30th) for an additional $10 surcharge.
  3. AMENDMENTS:  Pursuant to the 2014-2016 By-Laws, proposed amendments to the Constitution Party of Idaho By-Laws, Rules and Procedures and to the State Platform must be submitted in writing to the State Central Committee thirty (30) days prior to convention.  Amendments to By-Laws require a two-thirds vote of the state  delegates attending any state convention.  Platform amendments, the vote not being specified, require a majority vote of the state delegates attending.
  4. PUBLICATION:  As of this post, we are forty-five days (45) from convention.  To date, one amendment to the By-Laws has been suggested for the next state convention in 2018.  It pertains to state party finances and the state convention, but has not yet been formally submitted.  Fourteen(14) days prior to the state convention, qualified amendments will be published hereon for review by our registered CP-Idaho voters and those attending state convention as voting delegates.

The Lodge at River’s Edge is a gorgeous facility.  We hope that those attending the 2016 Idaho Convention can stay over and enjoy the location on the banks of the world famous Clearwater River.  We are looking into offering possible extra-convention activity in Orofino, Dworshak Dam or the immediate surrounding area.  Details will be posted once we have them.  We look forward to meeting you in Orofino.


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  1. J.R.Myers Says:

    Best wishes to all the Idaho CP delegates as you gather for your statewide convention. The Idaho CP is a great example that the other states would do well to emulate.

    God Speed,