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As Dave Hartigan, CP-Idaho candidate for Lt. Governor sees it:


Taxation issue: By placing bureaucrats both elected and unelected in charge of the education system in exchange for federal monies, local taxpayers have been removed from having input into this system, resulting in taxation without representation. If private property is not to be taken without just compensation, just compensation must consist of taxpayers in general having input. It is also vital that parents who also are taxpayers in conjunction with both teachers and students have a say in each child’s education. No one has more interest in or knowledge of each child than parents and teachers at the local level. Bureaucrats only desire an ever expanding stream of money, as if money is the answer to fixing the problem. If this were the case the “war on poverty” would have been won long ago. Bureaucrats never propose a solution that puts them out of business. Our answer is local control and accountability through bureaucracy elimination.

Curriculum issue: Liberal education as it was originally designed and implemented in the U.S. was intended to train children to be independent thinking adults in a free society. Morals, ethics, and values, (referred to as virtues), and discipline were used in the teaching of children to meet this goal. The central book for morals and ethics was the Bible reinforced by prayer. Does the modern education system meet this original intent? People in the local communities must have a say in curriculum selection.


Trade: Trade: Free trade has created the trade deficit and seen jobs and raw materials exported overseas from the U.S. and Idaho. Fair trade needs to be pushed instead.

Debt: Idaho is $7 billion in debt, with each person owing just over $4,300. Deficit spending must be ended and the debt retired. Tax reform is a must with the restoration of property rights through property and income tax elimination. To facilitate frugal and efficient government, a consumption based tax regime should be implemented, to include excise, sales, and tariff taxes to be used as was originally intended.

Dollar value: Since the end of the Bretton Woods agreement by Nixon in 1971, the dollar is worth 17 cents, and since the creation of the Fed in 1913, the dollar is currently worth 4 cents. The Fed projects to devalue the dollar another 33% over the next 20 years. The evidence of devaluing is demonstrated in the food and energy prices doubling in the last 6 years. The rise in prices coupled with the wage stagnation Idaho faces spells disaster in the future. Idaho government could use projected surpluses to buy gold and silver as a hedge against the falling dollar. Tax code simplification coupled with tax cuts have historically been the most effective way of spurring the economy into growth. This flies in the face of the modern money theory in which deficit spending and huge debt are the answer. This makes no sense at the individual or family level. It makes just as little sense at the state or national level.

Growing Islamic threat

It is incumbent upon the People of Idaho, through the legislative process, to ensure that no part of sharia law is ever allowed to become part of the Idaho Codes. Founding American jurisprudence should and can be used to full effect for the defense of the People’s action. We must also end the practice of having “gun free” zones as all these create is a target rich environment of defenseless people.

Mosque sign from Dearborn, Michigan.