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David Hartigan for Lieutenant Governor

2014_insert_hartigan2The Constitution Party of Idaho is very pleased to announce the candidacy of Mr. Dave Hartigan of Boise as our 2014 candidate for the Office of Lieutenant Governor of Idaho.

Dave’s home is in District 15.  Recently retired from active service with the Air Force, Mr. Hartigan understands issues from the experience of a veteran.  That understanding is needed to move Idaho and Idaho households forward after decades of neglect by an entrenched and indifferent incumbent party.

Dave talks about providing power to the common citizen, rather than taking power from them, as has been done so many times by the political duopoly.

Dave’s short treatise on the economy:

The fastest way to spur growth and boost the economic outlook for Idahoans is to initiate immediate tax reform.

  • Code simplification including loop hole elimination, and lowering the rate for businesses to a flat 7%.

One loop hole example is in depreciation:

  1. Business machine depreciation should be tied to units of production to make it fair across the board.
  2. Should a company be allowed to depreciate machines that are not in service? They should not.
  3. Machines-in-use translates to people working and product produced.

Hydroelectric power should be expanded

Modernizing and expanding hydroelectric is a way for new and existing businesses here, and those desiring to move to Idaho, to have an abundance of clean energy to start up or expand their operations.

  • Idaho should stop selling electricity wholesale to California. Electric power that leaves the state is power that could be used for businesses here; and that would be a win-win…for consumers and businesses alike.

Government hurts small businesses that are the engine of the economy through excessive taxation and over regulation; both of these need reform to ensure that government stops hurting this engine.