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Christian Fioravanti for Idaho State Senate, District 1

fioravanti1The Constitution Party of Idaho is pleased to announce Mr. Christian J. Fioravanti, of Boundary County, has officially declared his 2014 candidacy for Idaho State Senate in District 1.

Christian is a business owner and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Avanti Web Services, author of Attractionology 3.0, founder of Christian Fioravanti Consulting and host of the Idaho Politics Radio Show. Christian still believes in the American dream our forefathers knew, but he understands, if we do not act now, we will lose that dream forever. According to Mr. Fioravanti, “America and Idaho are at a crossroads. This election is either going to bring us back towards freedom, or push us over a cliff into the abyss of tyranny and big government.”

Our founding fathers fought and died to bring us the greatest governmental system the world has ever known. They brought freedom and unparalleled prosperity to this country. Where is it all going? Are we still free today? Do you feel freer now than you were 60 years ago?

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been trampled on for generations by self-serving politicians and petty bureaucrats. How much longer will this go on before we become a completely totalitarian state? “I do not want my children to grow up in a world without the freedom to make choices, and without having the resources to live those choices,” says Christian. For this reason, Christian is running for office—to restore Idaho.

Christian is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment (right to keep and bear arms). He supports higher standards in the education system, but rejects federally mandated Common Core Standards. He believes in taxing citizens as little as possible; only what is needed to fund our schools, infrastructure and other programs directed by the Idaho Constitution. Says Christian, “If citizens and businesses are taxed less, the economy will prosper. We must return to the founding principles of the Constitution.”

The best way we can do that is by electing strong candidates from the Constitution Party. Mr. Fioravanti concludes, “The Republicans and Democrats have had their chance to fix our government for over a century. Yet, they’ve only succeeded in taking away more of our rights and freedoms. It’s time for a real change.”

Vote for principle on November 4th, 2014.